Applications are now open!

Medics.Academy Student Fellowship Programme

What is Medics.Academy? 

Medics.Academy is a MedEd technology start-up producing next-generation medical education in the global marketplace. We are enabling healthcare professionals to learn in new and innovative ways.

What is the Fellowship programme?

The Fellowship Programme is an opportunity for medical students to author, present, and publish peer-reviewed content on an international platform. Medics.Academy have hosted students and clinicians from 9 countries across the globe, from the US to China.

We are currently recruiting passionate and hard-working medical students to join our offices in central London. Additionally, The Fellowship Programme is flexible to accommodate applicants’ circumstances. This includes working remotely and managing the project around your schedule.

Projects within The Fellowship Programme 

The Fellowship Programme will entail delivering a project for Medics.Academy. There is a wide range of potential projects to choose from. Previous projects have included: authoring clinical and non-clinical courses, organising events, creating social media campaigns and developing marketing strategies.

During the time spent with Medics.Academy, fellows will have regular workshops to develop their professional and leadership skills. The workshops involve structured teaching, self-reflective discussions and guidance on how to practically apply learning.

Why become a fellow?

The Fellowship Programme aims to foster key skills that will prove useful throughout a medical career, regardless of which career path one wishes to take, clinical or non-clinical.

We aim to provide regular workshops at the Head Office to develop a variety of skills from leadership and management to product development.

Our students have gone onto present work at national and international conferences, publish academically and have gone on to lead teams and long-term projects with Medics.Academy. 

You will:

  •  Raise your profile within Medicine 

  •  Extend your network within Medicine 

  •  Educate the next generation of health professionals 

What is expected? 

Fellows are expected to have:

  • A high level of commitment including a weekly update and attendance at meetings

  • An excellent standard of written English

  • A strong interest in medical and clinical science

  • Excellent communication and teamwork skills

  • The ability and drive to produce exceptional results

How to apply

First Stage - CV, Video Statement, Competition

To complete the first stage of the application process you will be required to send in a CV, a task and a video. 

  1. Send your CV to (email subject line format: Name Surname CV)

  1. Complete one of the two written tasks listed below. Guidance for these two tasks has been provided to help you with completion:

Task 1: Creating a teaching course  (Download here)
Task 2: Developing a marketing strategy (Download here)

3.  Create a 3 minute video
  • Spend the first 1 minute and 30 seconds telling us about your favourite holiday

  • Spend the last 1 minute and 30 seconds either reading the script you wrote or giving a pitch of your marketing strategy (depending on which task you chose to do). 

Submit your CV and task via and submit your video via to
Ensure that your full name is on all attachments.
Applications are accepted and reviewed every three months with a small number of fellows appointed throughout the year. Our focus is on finding those individuals with the greatest potential, talent, and commitment. Applications for 2019 will be accepted and reviewed on the following deadlines:

Friday 22nd February 2019 at 5pm

Friday 24th May 2019 at 5pm

Friday 31st August 2019 at 5pm

Friday 29th November 2019 at 5pm.

Start dates are negotiable.

Second Stage - The Interview

Following the first stage, applicants will be selected for a Skype interview. Successful applicants will be contacted with further information.