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  • Implementation Partners

    We work with you as your implementation partner to ensure full implementation and delivery of the solution, service or change you want to achieve within your organisation.

  • Consultancy

    Our unparalleled healthcare sector experience means that our consultants can work to solve issues, blockers and problems within your organisation, providing you with a range of solutions to choose from.

  • Design Lab

    Our team of graphic designers, illustrators, artists and developers can support your design and development needs.

  • Research Unit

    Our research unit can provide you with key support to better understand the healthcare landscape, technology and the future of healthcare services.

  • Sustainability Solutions

    With our expert knowledge and experience in healthcare sustainability, we can help you to develop sustainability solutions in your healthcare setting.

  • Technology and Innovation Development

    Our team of engineers and product specialists are incredibly proficient at tech builds and software development across several industries.

Our Work With The World Health Organisation

We have supported The World Health Organisation with the delivery of events over the last three years. Through our event management service, we have ensured successful event delivery and post-event services for WHO events.

Our Work With The Ethiopian Medical Women’s Association (EMeWA)

The Ethiopian Medical Women’s Association (EMeWA) approached us with the problem they had with the inability to uniformly upskill female clinicians across the country. Our team recognised the need for both the development of a leadership programme for female clinicians and the ‘Train the Trainer’ requirement to ensure sustainability at the country level.

Our Work With Guy’s & St. Thomas’s NHS Trust

We were asked by the team at Guys & St. Thomas’s NHS Trust to develop, deliver and implement accessible Genomics education and training in partnership with the Genomics Academic Team at the trust. Working with the academics at Guy’s & St. Thomas’s, we built Nucleus, a Genomics programme for clinicians which has been named as part of the UK Government’s Genomics Strategy

Our Work With The Malaysian Ministry of Health

We were approached by the Malaysian Ministry of Health to upskill their Ministry clinician representatives in Digital Health. We fully developed a bespoke Digital Health Programme based on the Ministry’s needs and delivered the programme to the clinicians.

Our Work With The Royal Marsden NHS Trust

The Royal Marsden NHS Trust identified an area that required development of a niche educational programme to support their registrar doctors to upskill in Systemic Anti-Cancer Therapy. Our clinician and consultancy teams worked in partnership with the Royal Marsden cancer specialists to develop the programme. We then ensured implementation and full delivery of the programme.

Our Work With Health Education England - North East

The North East regional Health Education England Education team wanted to build an accessible course in palliative care for non-specialist clinicians. This was a need that they had identified in-region which academics and clinicians wanted more training in. We worked in partnership with the North East leadership fellow and education team through a development phase, a delivery phase and implementation phase to address this educational gap.

Our Work With Various NHS Organisations On Hybrid and Virtual Events

We have worked with several organisations in the UK NHS, as well as internationally on Hybrid and virtual events, supported by learning infrastructure to extend the life cycle of events including certification, credentialing and quality assurance requirements. We are able to deliver the whole lifecycle of full in person conference events, hybrid events and fully virtual synchronous and asynchronous events.

Senior Consultants

Dr Qasim Ali


Dr Qasim Ali, an entrepreneur and strategy consultant that oversees the Medics.Academy consulting practice. Prior to his role at Medics.Academy, Dr Ali was a consultant at Strategy& PwC (formerly Booz & Co), working with global clients predominantly in healthcare, technology, pharmaceuticals and life sciences, amongst other industries. Dr Ali has worked with both public and private providers in healthcare, collaborating with various players across the care pathway on a number of NHS engagements. Examples include organisational restructuring for a remote Trust with long-standing issues with serving their distributed population, delivering the data strategy for an ICS for the next 5 years and developing the Population Health Management strategy for a specific region. In 2020, Dr Ali helped co-author a piece of Strategy& Thought Leadership “Making 5G Pay in Healthcare”, which explored how the latest advancements in 5G can be used across the healthcare system to improve efficiencies and the provision of care. Additionally, Dr Ali has a keen interest in healthcare technology, working on and alongside early stage startups in innovative areas of healthcare. Dr Ali graduated from Imperial College in 2019 with an MBBS, in addition to achieving 1st Class Honours in Healthcare Management BSc in 2017.

Dr Ruth Demeke


Dr Ruth is a multi-talented and dynamic medical professional and leadership development specialist, passionate about entrepreneurial development and eager to take upon new challenges with a commitment to serve. Dr Demeke has a strong track record in organisational management, program/project management, oral and written communication as well as organisational development for complex, multifaceted assignments resulting in measurable successes and program growth. Dr Demeke was previously CEO of an organisation focussed on the empowerment of female physicians and currently works as the Ethiopian Country Manager at Medics.Academy.

Professor Derek Gallen

Chief Education Officer - Medics.Academy

Professor Derek Gallen is the current president of the Association for the Study of Medical Education (ASME), past postgraduate dean for wales and past UK national director for the foundation programme. Ex-President of the Academy of Medical Educators. He is currently our Chief Education Officer.

Dr Johann Malawana

Founder and Director of The Healthcare Leadership Academy and Medics.Academy

Dr Johann has worked across government, professional, commercial, public sector and international organisations and developed an international reputation as a thought leader in Healthcare Education and Training, Commercialisation and Leadership. Having been trained as a medical doctor and obstetrician, he worked in the NHS for over a decade. Having undertaken several leadership roles across medicine, responsible for large teams, coordinating negotiations on behalf of the medical profession twice with the government and the NHS. Dr Malawana has been appointed previously by the privy council and the Secretary of State for Health to the Boards of the General Medical Council and Postgraduate Medical Education and Training Board sitting on committees ranging from finance, pensions, ethics and policy work. Dr Malawana has been recognised in all his previous roles for the exceptional contributions he has made and for having a huge impact on the environments he has worked within. Dr Malawana was appointed as the Healthcare UK, Department of International Trade Specialist Advisor on Education and Training for the UK Healthcare system where he developed strategic policies and partnerships for the public and private sector.

Dr Hiba Khan

Chief Revenue Officer at Medics.Academy

Dr Hiba Khan, Clinical Entrepreneur and Chief Revenue Officer at Medics.Academy. Dr Khan has a background in entrepreneurship, innovation and solutions in healthcare and was recently awarded an Innovation Fellowship at Mid and South Essex NHS Trust to continue this work. Dr Khan runs the development function at Medics.Academy and oversees a global team of executives. Dr Khan also has experience in governance as Vice-Chair of the Board at Queen Mary University Students’ Union and Chair of their Audit and Risk Committee as well as being Governor on the Board of the University of West London Workforce Committee and on the Board of Melanin Medics. Dr Khan has won several awards for research and performance in her clinical roles, a national award in quality improvement, two consecutive “Outstanding Trainee” awards and a gold medal in regional weightlifting.

Dr Emma Cox

Chief Product Officer

Dr Emma Cox is the Chief Product Officer at Medics.Academy and an Emergency Medicine Registrar. Dr Cox manages and leads multiples teams of engineers, designers and product specialists across two continents. Dr Cox is passionate about improving healthcare. Dr Cox's particular areas of focus are technology, education and working conditions. Dr Cox's previous experience includes being an Elected Public Governor for The Royal Free NHS Foundation Trust, a board member of a national union, and an Academic Lead for University College London Medical School. Dr Cox's current roles include being an honorary lecturer for UCLan, a Peer Reviewer for the UKRI, a Committee Member of the Royal College of Emergency Medicine’s National Sustainable Working Practices Committee, and a NHS England Clinical Entrepreneur.

Dr George Miller

Dr George Miller is an Imperial Public Health Registrar and Emergency Medicine Doctor. As Director-General, Dr Miller takes responsibility for the HLA Scholars’ programme, as well as chairing the HLA Research Collaborative. Dr Miller is also an Honorary University Lecturer, a Fellow of the Institute of Leadership and Management, lead for the Intermediate Leadership Programme and a Senior Project Manager at Medics.Academy. Dr Miller was one of the top scoring applicants for the AFP, CST and Public Health Training across the country, and has since presented national courses on ‘Success in Medical School’, ‘Preparing for the AFP’ and ‘Preparing for the PSA’. Dr Miller is currently conducting policy research at the Department of Social Policy and Intervention, University of Oxford.

Dr Sarah Malawana

Honorary Senior Clinical Lecturer Clinical Programme Manager at Medics.Academy

Dr Sarah Malawana (MBBS, nMRCGP, BSc Hons Physiol, MSc Hons Clin Derm, DRCOG, DFSRH) was a GP Partner in Hertfordshire for 9 years and a Full Trainer for GP Registrars. Dr Malawana currently still works in General Practice, teaches on the Applied Clinical Education module of the PGCERT in her role as Honorary Senior Clinical Lecturer and has excelled as the Clinical Programme Manager for both UK and International Projects.

Dr Alexander Jack Harding

Director of Programmes - Medics.Academy

Dr Jack is the Director of Programmes at Medics.Academy and a GP trainee in the South West. Dr Harding has been appointed as Honorary Clinical Tutor at the University of Central Lancashire and has previously been a Clinical Teaching Fellow at the University of Exeter. Dr Harding completed his postgraduate certificate in medical education at the University of Exeter.

Mateusz Gidaszewski

Mateusz Gidaszewski is a talented designer who works as a Creative/Art Director across a broad range of projects. He is a Lecturer in Design and Design thinking and employs design thinking methodologies to amplify the human experience of design. Matt’s extensive portfolio highlights his versatility and proficiency in delivering innovative solutions for various design projects, including immersive experiences, mobile apps, complex dashboard solutions, interactive installations, brand identities, and more. His inquisitive nature and passion for emerging technologies, such as VR, AR, and AI, support the development of our work in many different ways.

Dr Amy Prideaux


Dr Amy is a Clinical Programme Manager at Medics.Academy, as well as a doctor working in Bristol. Dr Prideaux’s interests are in internal medicine and Dermatology as well as healthcare education and leadership. Dr Prideaux has been an F|Docs Scholar, a Medics.Academy Fellow and has also completed the PG Certificate in Clinical Practice, Management and Education. Dr Prideaux has won awards for academic achievement as well as a national award in quality improvement.

Tiziana Ruiu

Tiziana Ruiu is a Senior Product Executive at Medics.Academy and is recognised for her extensive knowledge and expertise in the areas of visual communication, design, and illustration, as well as video editing and animation. Tiziana’s passion for technology and science infuses her work with a deep understanding of emerging trends in these fields, enabling her to provide clients with innovative solutions that help them achieve their business objectives.

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