Medics.Academy Learning Communities

Medics.Academy Learning Communities are our premium product. They can be developed either within Medics.Academy or with a partner institution or individual. Programmes such as The Healthcare Leadership Academy, F|Docs, S|Docs and Nucleus are all examples of our Learning Community product. A Learning Community can include:

  • Learning materials

  • Brand building, social media and marketing

  • Community development and engagement

  • Faculty building, training and support

  • Mentoring and learner support

  • Multi-channel learning modalities and strategies

  • Reporting, data and management tools

  • Commercialisation and sustainability planning

  • Partnership building

  • Internationalisation and globalisation strategies

Examples of Our Learning Communities

The Healthcare Leadership Academy

Empowering the next generation of clinical leaders.


Flexible learning for final year medical students and foundation doctors.


Supporting your journey through medical school, from your first to penultimate year.


Your cancer genomics hub provided by Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust and Medics.Academy.

Ethiopian Medical Women's Association (EMeWA)

Empowering female physicians in Ethiopia.