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How to Prepare for the Prescribing Safety Assessment (PSA)

Covering calculations, common prescribing scenarios and errors.


Palliative Care - Wiley Geriatric Medicine At A Glance


How to Run a Successful Campaign

Learn how to plan your campaign timeline, what approach to take when creating content, and what to do after all the fuss is over.


Atrial Fibrillation

Learn how to diagnose and manage patients with atrial fibrillation. F|Docs is a training resource for foundation doctors.


Trisomy 21


Ophthalmology for the Non-Ophthalmologist

Become comfortable with eye pathologies when they present themselves even when you're not an ophthalmologist. F|Docs is a training resource for foundation doctors.


How to Build a Successful Career Before You Graduate from Medical School

Develop yourself in the areas of academia, research, teaching, leadership, and commitment to your specialty.


How to Get into the Academic Foundation Programme

Everything you need to know to optimise your AFP application and interviews. Prep for F|Docs is a training resource for final-year medical students.

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The Fundamentals of Blood Transfusion for the Non-Haematologist

Everything you need to know about the science of blood and the practicalities of transfusion. F|Docs is a training resource for foundation doctors.


Global Health

In partnership with THET


The Impact of Climate Change on Health


The Situational Judgement Test

Prepare yourself for the SJT and maximise your chances of passing.


Essential Paediatric Assessment

William Broughton


Easy ECGs for the MBBS

Sameer Alam, Christopher Law and Emmanuel Victor