• Programme Structure

    The programme is offered as a one, two, three, five or ten day programme with a certificate issued upon completion of the programme. The programme consists of one live session, alongside up to 9 additional days of online content and is delivered on a monthly basis.

  • Application Scoring

    The 'Training in Teaching' programme fulfils the required criteria for the 'Training in Teaching' category on specialty application scores for surgical, medical and other specialty training programmes.

    • Who is this Programme for?

    • All foundation & specialty doctors
    • SAS doctors
    • Consultants
    • Fourth year medical students
    • Final year medical students
    • Allied health professionals

One Day Programme

The skills you will learn in this one day programme include how to tailor teaching methods to suit different environments, and how to deliver technology-enhanced learning. You will be issued with a certificate upon completion of the programme.

Two Day Programme

The two day teaching programme will cover everything from the one day programme, and includes additional training on effective planning and evaluation. You will be issued with a certificate upon completion of the programme.

Three Day Programme

The three day teaching programme will cover everything from the one and two day programmes, as well as providing opportunities to deliver a teaching session and publish the evaluation of the teaching you deliver. You will be issued with a certificate upon completion of the programme.

Five Day Programme

The five day programme will cover everything from the one, two and three day programmes, with an additional opportunity to develop your presentation skills by reviewing different presentation styles. You will be issued with a certificate upon completion of the programme.

Ten Day Programme

The ten-day programme includes all the content from one, two, three and five-day programmes. The additional content is on learning styles, web conferencing and video editing which is taken directly from our Technology Enhanced Learning module. All learners will receive a certificate upon successful completion of the programme as well as the offer of a bursary to complete the full programme we offer in technology-enhanced learning.

Training in Teaching - Two Day Online Asynchronous Course

This two-day course will be delivered as fully online training in teaching with a certificate issued upon completion of the course. The fully online element allows you to complete the course in a time frame that suits you without having to participate in any live session. This course has been designed to provide substantial training in teaching and is accredited for 12 CPD points.

"A great introduction"

Nicole Tan, Junior Doctor

“The Medics.Academy course has been a great introduction to medical education - teaching an approach that makes teaching as rewarding for me and as it is for the students. Planning is key and explaining new technology has made this course very relevant for these times. This course was delivered well across the screen and had good humour and expertise. I would recommend it to any medical trainee.”

"Really useful"

Maria Hemaya

“I found it interesting learning about all the different teaching models and educational theories. I found it really useful finding out about all the opportunities there are for medical education roles in my future career, which I wasn’t really aware of before. I enjoyed putting what I’d learnt from the course into practice when creating my presentation. I’ll be interested to see the impact that it has on my audience when I actually deliver the presentation.”

"Engaging and informative"

Akin Falase, NHS Trust Doctor

“The course is great. I found it both engaging and informative and the lectures were all very friendly. As someone who hasn’t received much medical education training formally, I found it really inspiring about the future prospects of medical education. Thanks guys for a great opportunity.”

"Very inspiring"

Ying Kristi Sun, F3 - Academic Foundation Doctor

“One of my favourite things about the way the courses run is how the first day consists of a series of live lectures and also small breakout rooms, where we can gather in groups to discuss topics. We also got to hear from speakers about their own personal experiences and they offered really useful tips and practical advice on how we could seek out opportunities in medical education to develop our careers - that was really, really useful and also very inspiring.”