About Medics.Academy Legacy Events

We have a dedicated business unit that specialises in the management and delivery of events. Our focus is online learning events, but our team have also delivered several international physical conferences and learning events.

What We Can Do For You

The Legacy team can work with you to build bespoke learning events, weekly programmes of webinars or multi channel and asynchronous events. We work on a variety of platforms including Microsoft Teams, Zoom and live social media channels, as well as being able to construct multi-channel experiences using speech, chat, video and other modalities.

Here's What Previous Collaborators Have to Say

"Delighted with the results!"

Julie Storr, Global Health Consultant, World Health Organization

"I would recommend people interested in running these type of virtual events to go to Medics.Academy. We wanted something different and we certainly got that. The successful execution of this event was enhanced dramatically by the relationship built up between ourselves and the Medics.Academy team...and that was something that really stood out. We were delighted with the results."

"The medics.academy team blended with us perfectly"

Ben Simms, CEO THET

"Working with Medics.Academy was a really good experience. We are passionate about changing the world for a better place and the Medics.Academy team blended with us perfectly. We felt we share the same values, they amplified everything we do rather than demand things of us, and it was a really good and positive experience. I can’t recommend them highly enough."

Contact Us

If you would like to discuss your event management needs, please email our Legacy team.