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Wiley Geriatrics At A Glance

The course covers advance care planning, the Gold Standards Framework and resuscitation decisions. This course is from Chapter 32 of the Wiley Geriatric Medicine at a Glance textbook. 

At A Glance Series

The market-leading at a Glance series is used world-wide by medical students, residents, junior doctors and health professionals for its concise and clear approach and superb illustrations.

Geriatric Medicine at a Glance logically presents the core principles of geriatric medicine, including mechanisms of ageing, changes in physiology commonly seen in older adults, and the clinical management and treatment of the key medical presentations affecting older patients. It provides a thorough overview of the essential required core knowledge, mapped to the British Geriatrics Society undergraduate curriculum on ageing.

Geriatric Medicine at a Glance:

  • Is fully aligned with the newly developed British Geriatric Society curriculum on ageing for undergraduate medical students
  • Explains the relevant concepts associated with the ageing in addition to the common medical presentations seen in older adults
  • includes the perspectives of nurses and other allied health professionals
  • Features 'best of five' self-assessment questions, with full explanations of the answers

Geriatric Medicine at a Glance will help address the uncertainty often experienced by medical students and junior doctors when dealing with older patients.

About The Authors

Wiley  Publications
Wiley Publications

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Dr. Adrian Blundell
Dr. Adrian Blundell
Consultant in the Health Care of Older People

Dr. Adrian Blundell is a Consultant in the Health Care of Older People, Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust, UK.

Dr. Adam Gordon
Dr. Adam Gordon
Consultant Geriatrician

Dr Adam Gordon is a Consultant Geriatrician and Honorary Lecturer in the Medicine of Older People at Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust and the University of Nottingham, UK.

About The Presenter

Dr. Christopher Ellis
Dr. Christopher Ellis
Dr. Chris Ellis initially studied Medical Biochemistry achieving a First with Honours. He went on to work in Drug Metabolism and Pharmacokinetics at GalxoSmithKline (GSK) for three years publishing a paper on markers used for studying the CYP450 system. Shortly after moved to Pfizer to work in Regulatory Affairs on the medicolegal aspects of drug licencing in both the UK and Ireland. 

During this time he was also working for four charities including homeless shelters and hospitals as a volunteer. This led him to start to look beyond the pharmaceutical industry and consider medicine as an option. 

Chris went on to study at Barts and The London School of Medicine where he initially developed and interest in emergency medicine and took part in their extra-curricular Prehospital Care Programme which allowed him to gain additional training with the London Ambulance Service (LAS) and the Helicopter Emergency Medicine Service (HEMS). However, an F1 job in general adult psychiatry ultimately caught his attention when he was exposed to the plight of people suffering from severe mental health conditions and how a desperately underfunded branch of medicine tried to help them. 

Chris is now a core trainee on the North London rotation and is more than happy to teach and share his passion for mental health via the Medics.Academy platform.

What's included?

1 Video
1 Quiz

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