About the Course

This course is part of The Healthcare Leadership Academy core programme. As part of the programme, HLA scholars are expected to deliver projects. As part of their preparation for delivery of those projects, a variety of tools and theories are discussed that allow them to better achieve the management functions of the delivery of the project. 

This resource covers key information regarding the use of business model canvases (BMCs) and key performance indicators (KPIs) when developing and delivering your projects. This includes:

  • What is a BMC
  • What are the components of a BMC
  • What are KPIs
  • How to use KPIs

If you are watching this resource as part of an HLA programme, you will be required to produce a BMC and your KPIs for your project. You will discuss these at a workshop during a session.

This course takes approximately 30 minutes to complete.

Foundation Programme Curriculum

This course covers the following Foundation Programme Curriculum areas:

20. Contributes to quality improvement

About the Authors

Callum Taylor

HLA Diploma in Clinical Leadership - Faculty

Callum is a graduate of Southampton Medical school where he founded and led the highly successful Connect project. Callum was a HLA Scholar in the second HLA cohort and is currently a junior doctor in the South West.

Dr Johann Malawana

Founder and Director of The Healthcare Leadership Academy and Medics.Academy

Dr Johann has worked across government, professional, commercial, public sector and international organisations and developed an international reputation as a thought leader in Healthcare Education and Training, Commercialisation and Leadership. Having been trained as a medical doctor and obstetrician, he worked in the NHS for over a decade. Having undertaken several leadership roles across medicine, responsible for large teams, coordinating negotiations on behalf of the medical profession twice with the government and the NHS. Dr Malawana has been appointed previously by the privy council and the Secretary of State for Health to the Boards of the General Medical Council and Postgraduate Medical Education and Training Board sitting on committees ranging from finance, pensions, ethics and policy work. Dr Malawana has been recognised in all his previous roles for the exceptional contributions he has made and for having a huge impact on the environments he has worked within. Dr Malawana was appointed as the Healthcare UK, Department of International Trade Specialist Advisor on Education and Training for the UK Healthcare system where he developed strategic policies and partnerships for the public and private sector.

About the Organisation

The Healthcare Leadership Academy

The Healthcare Leadership Academy formed in response to the demand from young clinicians and medical students to learn about leadership. Founded by Dr Johann Malawana and a team of like-minded professionals the Healthcare Leadership Academy launched on the 20th of December 2016. HLA houses an exciting faculty from across the health sector and beyond. Their shared aim is to inspire the next generation of healthcare professionals and develop their understanding of leadership. Too often in healthcare, leadership is confused with management. Through a combination of mentoring, socratic discussion and rigorous training in practical leadership skills, The HLA aims to inspire our scholars to change the world of healthcare, one small step at a time.

Course Curriculum

  • 1

    BMC and KPIs

    • Introduction

    • Foreword

    • Learning objectives

    • BMC and KPI Learning Objectives

    • Business Model Canvas Template

    • Coming up with your project idea and testing it-

    • What is the BMC

    • Customer segments

    • Value proposition

    • Channels and customer relations

    • Key activities, Key resources and key partnership-

    • Revenue streams

    • Summary of BMC section

    • Key performance indicators

    • So what are key performance indicators--

    • Characteristics of key performance indicators

    • Application of KPIs

    • Useful resources and tips

    • Conclusion

    • Feedback form