About the Course

The course provides you with webinars, video modules and text modules with the essential skills and  knowledge needed to begin your life as a foundation doctor. This concise course will get you up to speed with what you need to know about managing unwell patients, prescribing and data interpretation. 

Our Transition to F1 course will provide you with teaching on the crucial skills needed to start your medical career. 

Outcomes of the Course

In this 8-hour certified course, you will cover

  • The key knowledge points that every F1 must know 
  • How to manage your on-call shift 
  • How to assess the acutely unwell patient
  • How to prescribe as an F1 
  • How to interpret the essential investigations as an F1 including ECGs
  • How to look after your wellbeing and avoid burnout during your foundation years


By completing all the content in these modules, you will be provided with a Medics.Academy certificate, confirming you have gone through the entirety of the Transition to F1 course, with the demonstrated number of learning hours that can be used for your e-portfolios.

The F|Docs programme has helped medical professionals to make their journey successfully from medical school to doctor. The Transition to F1 programme is tailored by selecting the best out of 100 hours of learning content to make the transition a lot smoother and to allow better preparation for the foundation year.

The F|Docs programme is commissioned by the North East region, Yorkshire & Humber region and Barts Health Trust as their official training programme.

On successful completion of the course, participants will receive a certificate valued at 8 hours of CPD.

About the Organisation

Medics Academy

We empower health professionals across the globe through innovative education and continued professional development.We are driving a digital transformation of professional healthcare training and development and aim to make it accessible to those across the globe and most in need. We believe this platform can improve care and save lives.Our team of doctors, engineers, artists and film-makers are creating an engaging platform to deliver the highest quality education available in the industry.

About the Contributors

Dr Faris Hussain

Faris Hussain is an academic foundation year doctor, working in South Wales. He is one of the Medics Academy fellows and is the curator of the transition to F1 course.

Dr Hiba Khan

Chief Revenue Officer at Medics.Academy

Dr Hiba Khan, Clinical Entrepreneur and Chief Revenue Officer at Medics.Academy. Dr Khan has a background in entrepreneurship, innovation and solutions in healthcare and was recently awarded an Innovation Fellowship at Mid and South Essex NHS Trust to continue this work. Dr Khan runs the development function at Medics.Academy and oversees a global team of executives. Dr Khan also has experience in governance as Vice-Chair of the Board at Queen Mary University Students’ Union and Chair of their Audit and Risk Committee as well as being Governor on the Board of the University of West London Workforce Committee and on the Board of Melanin Medics. Dr Khan has won several awards for research and performance in her clinical roles, a national award in quality improvement, two consecutive “Outstanding Trainee” awards and a gold medal in regional weightlifting.

Dr. Yusuf Karmali

Fellowship Programme Clinical Lead

Yusuf is a Medics.Academy Programme Manager, Clinical Lead for the Medics.Academy Fellows Programme and a Foundation Year doctor, graduated from Barts and The London School of Medicine. Throughout medical school, Yusuf was awarded numerous prizes for outstanding academic achievement and he delivered high-quality peer-teaching through student-led societies, in which he held various positions of leadership. His passion for education led to him joining Medics.Academy in July 2018, where he started as a fellow and lead author on the clinical genetics course. He went on to become a member of the Medics.Academy team as a Clinical Programme Manager and then has been the Clinical Lead on the highly successful Medics.Academy Fellowship Programme. He is also part of the F|Docs Faculty where he leads teaching sessions for foundation year doctors, and also enjoys teaching medical students as part of the S|Docs Programme. His other interests include medical technology and health policy.

Sida Mao

Dr Sida Mao is a critical care fellow at the QMC Nottingham. He is also part of the HLA alumni and organised the 2019 HLA conference, an international conference attracting high profile speakers and participants from Europe, Africa and further.

Dr George Miller

Dr George Miller is an Imperial Public Health Registrar and Emergency Medicine Doctor. As Director-General, Dr Miller takes responsibility for the HLA Scholars’ programme, as well as chairing the HLA Research Collaborative. Dr Miller is also an Honorary University Lecturer, a Fellow of the Institute of Leadership and Management, lead for the Intermediate Leadership Programme and a Senior Project Manager at Medics.Academy. Dr Miller was one of the top scoring applicants for the AFP, CST and Public Health Training across the country, and has since presented national courses on ‘Success in Medical School’, ‘Preparing for the AFP’ and ‘Preparing for the PSA’. Dr Miller is currently conducting policy research at the Department of Social Policy and Intervention, University of Oxford.

Dr Camilla Rhead


Camilla is a junior doctor working in London. She is currently taking a year out after her foundation training before commencing core medical training. She has been awarded prizes during her foundation training for teaching, clinical excellence and quality improvement. She plans to pursue a career in gastroenterology and this year will be doing research looking at decompensated liver disease.Outside of medicine, Camilla is a keen runner, skier, sailer and tag rugby player. She also enjoys travelling and will be spending a lot of this year jetting off around the world.

Dr Mark Stacey

Dr Mark Stacey is a consultant obstetric anaesthetist working in Cardiff and Vale, Wales. He is one of the leads of the successful performance ‘MedTRIM’ course and has interests in performance under pressure, resilience and learning skills.

Dr Jeeves Wijesuriya

Jeeves is a GP registrar in Hackney, East London. He graduated from Barts and the London School of Medicine and Dentistry in 2013 with an MBBS and has a masters in Medical Education. Alongside his clinical work he is a CQC special advisor and a trustee for Medical Aid Films. He is the former Chair of the BMA Junior doctors committee, having successfully led Junior Doctors to a negotiated contract deal in 2019, ending the longstanding Junior Doctor dispute.

Dr. Abi Pomeranc

Clinical Programme Executive

Abi is an Internal Medical Trainee in London. Having started her Medics.Academy journey as a Fellow, she is now Clinical Programme Executive at Medics.Academy. Throughout her time at Barts and The London School of Medicine, she was awarded numerous awards for academic excellence and she graduated with Proxime Accessit to the University of London Gold Medal. She is passionate about medical education, enjoying delivering lectures and being a mentor as part of the F|Docs Faculty.