About the Course

Every year, StreetDoctors delivers life-saving first aid training to educate and empower young people at high risk of involvement in violence. 

This course on the recovery position was taken from a course specifically designed by StreetDoctors for their medical student trainers. Their experienced and dynamic presenters introduce you the recovery position and how it can be used. It is a useful skill and piece of knowledge for any healthcare worker as well as lay members of the public.

If you find this course useful, or if you are interested in the work of StreetDoctors, consider donating to this amazing charity via the following link:

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About the Organisation

StreetDoctors Charity

StreetDoctors empowers young people affected by violence by equipping them with the skills to save lives and the knowledge to make informed decisions about keeping themselves and others safe. We do this by providing training in emergency first-aid through a network of young healthcare volunteers in partnership with local communities. Visit our website to find out more about StreetDoctors, our programmes and volunteers at www.streetdoctors.org.

Course Curriculum

  • 1

    The Recovery Position

    • Shake And Wake

    • The Recovery Position

    • When Should You NOT Use The Recovery Position?

    • How To Put People In The Recovery Position

    • After Using The Recovery Position

    • Unconscious And NOT Breathing