About The Healthcare Leadership Academy Conference 2020

The Healthcare Leadership Academy annual conference has grown along with The HLA itself to become a key event for scholars and passionate healthcare professionals to showcase their work to an international audience. While the coronavirus pandemic presents challenges that prevent us from hosting the event in its usual format, it has also created opportunities to innovate and reconfigure what a conference can offer to its attendees and presenters.

Following on from the success of the Medical Education in the Time of COVID-19 Conference, which saw thousands of delegates attend directly as well as wider direct engagement with conference presentations and posters through social media, The HLA and Medics.Academy are excited to host this 2-day virtual conference.

The conference aims to provide inspiration, motivation and guidance to healthcare professionals and students who are passionate about leadership and innovation. Particularly in these unprecedented times, there are new opportunities for disruption of the established structures and development of new ideas. We look forward to displaying and promoting your work and ideas to our delegates and through our social media platforms.

This virtual conference will be held on Saturday 21st and Sunday 22nd November.

The conference will run from 9:30am to 4:30pm BST on both days. 

Registration on this conference page will ensure that you have access to both the pre- and post-conference materials.

Chair of the Conference

Simon Phillips

Simon is a Core Surgical Trainee in the Severn Deanery and an HLA Scholar from the Bristol Cohort in 2019/20. Having served as Vice Chair of the 2019 Conference he is excited to take on the challenge of chairing the 2020 event, particularly given the unique challenges presented by the coronavirus pandemic.He is passionate about medical education and empowering junior healthcare professionals to drive change.

About the Organisations

The Healthcare Leadership Academy

The Healthcare Leadership Academy formed in response to the demand from young clinicians and medical students to learn about leadership. Founded by Dr Johann Malawana and a team of like-minded professionals the Healthcare Leadership Academy launched on the 20th of December 2016. HLA houses an exciting faculty from across the health sector and beyond. Their shared aim is to inspire the next generation of healthcare professionals and develop their understanding of leadership. Too often in healthcare, leadership is confused with management. Through a combination of mentoring, socratic discussion and rigorous training in practical leadership skills, The HLA aims to inspire our scholars to change the world of healthcare, one small step at a time.

Medics Academy

We empower health professionals across the globe through innovative education and continued professional development.We are driving a digital transformation of professional healthcare training and development and aim to make it accessible to those across the globe and most in need. We believe this platform can improve care and save lives.Our team of doctors, engineers, artists and film-makers are creating an engaging platform to deliver the highest quality education available in the industry.

The Programme

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    • About the Conference

    • Message from the co-chairs of the organising committee - Simon Phillips and Vassili Crispi

    • The HLA - the story so far...

    • About The Healthcare Leadership Academy

    • The HLA Community Report 2020

    • The HLA Community Report 2019

    • About Medics.Academy

    • Joining Instructions

    • How to join the virtual coffee space in slack - part 1

    • How to join the virtual coffee space in slack - part 2

    • Subscribe to HLA Live - FREE

    • Becoming a HLA Scholar

    • Become an Associate Member of The HLA

    • The HLA Intermediate Leadership Programme - How to sign up

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    The Conference - Saturday 21st and Sunday 22nd November - Details for taking part

    • The Agenda - Saturday 21st and 22nd November

    • The Conference Speakers

    • How to join the discussion

    • HLA20 Conference Workshops

    • HLA20 Conference workshops and breakout rooms agenda

    • HLA20 Networking sessions

    • HLA20 Expert On-Demand Sessions

    • Conference Organising Committee

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    Medics.Academy Resources and Opportunities

    • Medics.Academy Programmes

    • About the F|Docs programme

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    • About the S|Docs programme

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    • About the National Finals Revision Weekend

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    • About the Medics.Academy Fellowship Programme

    • Medics.Academy Fellowship Programme

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    • PGCert, Diploma or Masters in Clinical Practice, Management and Education

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    Oral Presentations

    • HLA20 Oral Presentation #2: Preparation for practice and the arguments for standardisation in view of the forthcoming medical licensing exam: A literature review

    • HLA20 Oral Presentation #3: CRANIAL

    • HLA20 Oral Presentation #4: Paeds Cancer

    • HLA20 Oral Presentation #5: Covid impact on med students

    • HLA20 Oral Presentation #6: MosqiDerm

    • HLA20 Oral Presentation #7: Mentoring the Covid cohort

    • HLA20 Oral Presentation #8: LonWHO

    • HLA20 Oral Presentation #9: Climate change + health

    • HLA20 Oral Presentation #10: AI for MH patient flow

    • HLA20 Oral Presentation #11: Transforming a foundation forum

    • HLA20 Oral Presentation #12: Mind the Bleep

    • HLA20 Oral Presentation #13: RSM Student Policy

    • HLA20 Oral Presentation 14: Key Objectives of a Novel Leadership Programme for Healthcare Students and Young Professionals

    • HLA20 Oral Presentation #15: In2MedSchool

    • HLA20 Oral Presentation #16: Improving Less than Full Time Training; How and Why

    • HLA20 Oral Presentation #17: Sim work experience

    • HLA20 Oral Presentation #18: First patient experience: peer-based teaching in an introductory course into cadaveric dissection

    • HLA20 Oral Presentation #19: ICON

    • HLA20 Oral Presentation #20: Lifesavers 2020

    • HLA20 Oral Presentation #22: Journey2Med

    • HLA20 Oral Presentation #23: Promoting quality improvement

    • HLA20 Oral Presentation #24: An evaluation of General Surgical Service Change due to the Covid-19 Pandemic

    • HLA20 Oral Presentation #25: Training days, the Pandemic & Climate Change

    • HLA20 Oral Presentation #26: The Facilitated Remote MDT

    • HLA20 Oral Presentation #27: Future of Prescribing

    • HLA20 Oral Presentation #28: Rigid Endoscopic Trainer

    • HLA20 Oral Presentation #29: Supporting Students and the NHS in Covid-19- My Experience as a President of a Students' Union

    • HLA20 Oral Presentation #30: Inclusion of Migrant and Ethnic Minority Groups into Healthcare and the Medical Curriculum

    • HLA20 Oral Presentation #31: Evaluating the use of educational seminars

    • HLA20 Oral Presentation #32: Establishing an Urgent Dental Care Service during COVID-19

    • HLA20 Oral Presentation #33: British Caribbean Doctors Network

    • HLA20 Oral Presentation #34: Climate Change and Health - leading and educating as future health professionals

    • HLA20 Oral Presentation #35: Artificial Intelligence and Algorithmic Bias

    • HLA20 Oral Presentation #36: Med4All

    • HLA20 Oral Presentation #37: Building bridges: optimizing pre-operative CABG care for patients awaiting transfer to a tertiary cardiothoracic centre

    • HLA20 Oral Presentation #38: The differences in approaches to diagnosis and management of urological cancers between the United Kingdom, Europe and the United States during the COVID-19 pandemic

    • HLA20 Oral Presentation #39: Novel training methods utilising virtual technology during the first wave of COVID-19

    • HLA20 Oral Presentation #40: Optimisation of the management and follow-up of acute renal colic

    • HLA20 Oral Presentation #41: Using new technologies in medical education

    • HLA20 Oral Presentation #42: Graphics design workshop to improve medical education delivery

    • HLA20 Oral Presentation #43: MedSupplyDrive UK

    • HLA20 Oral Presentation #44: GEIGS - Gender Equity Initiative for Global Surgery

    • HLA20 Oral Presentation #45: Improving Foundation Doctors confidence in managing Urological conditions

    • HLA20 Oral Presentation #46: Covid-19: The Foundation for Change

    • HLA20 Oral Presentation #47: Effective Local Junior Doctor Representative Committee

    • HLA20 Oral Presentation #48: How to improve the protection offered by face masks

    • HLA20 Oral Presentation #49: Masks for NHS Heroes: How to solve a challenge like PPE

    • HLA20 Oral Presentation #50: Using technology to improve inpatient surgical lists

    • HLA20 Oral Presentation #51: Supporting orthopaedic junior doctors dealing with COVID-19 patients in a busy trauma unit

    • HLA20 Oral Presentation #52: A widening participation organisation supported by HLA:Ideas

    • HLA 20 Oral Presentation #53: Hand Trauma Referrals: Compliance with National Guidelines — A Quality Improvement Project

    • HLA 20 Oral Presentation #54: Learning styles in ENT; can we personalise trainee experience?

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    Poster Presentations

    • HLA20 Poster Presentation #1: Do no harm: developing sustainable healthcare education projects abroad (workshop)

    • HLA20 Poster Presentation #2: Student MedAID: A vision for a greener healthcare system

    • HLA20 Poster Presentation #3: Facing the Future

    • HLA20 Poster Presentation #4: New Foundation Year One and Physician Associate Preparedness Course

    • HLA20 Poster Presentation #5: SPICE-19

    • HLA20 Poster Presentation #6: Does the use of social media cause a decrease in alcohol consumption among young adults aged 11 to 24?

    • HLA20 Poster Presentation #7: Are face masks effective in reducing the spread of respiratory diseases?

    • HLA20 Poster Presentation #8: Remote inhaler technique training for undergraduate pharmacy students

    • HLA20 Poster Presentation #9: LGBTQ+ Healthcare Inequalities

    • HLA20 Poster Presentation #10: Improving the Clerking Process in an Emergency Department

    • HLA20 Poster Presentation #11: WORLD CUPS: supporting paediatric research in Wales

    • HLA20 Poster Presentation #12: Inspiring health education across the board: the development of a medical education newsletter

    • HLA20 Poster Presentation #13: An Audit of Occupational History in the Management of Asthma and Irritant Contact Dermatitis in Primary Care

    • HLA20 Poster Presentation #14: ‘Let’s Talk’ A Digital Mental Health Campaign in the Time of COVID-19

    • HLA20 Poster Presentation #15: Navigating uncharted territory: an introduction to theatre for medical students

    • HLA20 Poster Presentation #16: Primary care tackling the silent epidemic: hearing loss

    • HLA20 Poster Presentation #17: Inclusion of Black, Asian and Ethnic Minority Groups into Healthcare and the Medical Curriculum

    • HLA20 Poster Presentation #18: Clinical Lanyard Cards for Medical students

    • HLA20 Poster Presentation #19: Fatigue & Facilities at Kettering General Hospital: The importance of high-quality rest to maximise the performance of junior doctors and ensure patient safety

    • HLA20 Poster Presentation #20: "Retaining the Passion: Journeys Through Nursing" podcast

    • HLA20 Poster Presentation #21: Improving access to trust COVID-19 guidelines via the Induction App.

    • HLA20 Poster Presentation #22: Everyone in Health

    • HLA20 Poster Presentation #23: The pattern of exception reporting at a district general hospital

    • HLA20 Poster Presentation #24: TAMS Talks

    • HLA20 Poster Presentation #25: Introducing a peer mentoring scheme to ease transition of new anaesthetics trainees onto the oncall rota

    • HLA20 Poster Presentation #26: Introduction day 2020

    • HLA20 Poster Presentation #27:Tonsillitis Scoring System in primary Care (Quality Improvement)

    • HLA20 Poster Presentation #28:‘Young Healthcare Leaders Programme: developing future leaders for the integrated care era’

    • HLA20 Poster Presentation #29:OSCE.AI: A novel medical education app simulating medical student history-taking.

    • HLA20 Poster Presentation #30:Perceptions and experiences of leadership: A Narrative Inquiry of leadership in undergraduate nurse education

    • HLA20 Poster Presentation #31:Building bridges: optimizing pre-operative CABG care for cardiology patients awaiting transfer to the tertiary cardiothoracic centre, a quality improvement project

    • HLA20 Poster Presentation #32: First Patient Experience: A Peer-Taught Introduction to Cadaveric Dissection

    • HLA20 Poster Presentation #33:Developing local perioperative acute kidney injury services in accordance with recent NICE guidelines

    • HLA20 Poster Presentation #34:Improving ENT operation notes with the introduction of an digital proforma Screen reader support enabled.

    • HLA20 Poster Presentation #35:FOCSi (Foundation On-Call Simulation)

    • HLA20 Poster Presentation #36:Introduction of Welfare Training Programs for Medical School Student Leaders

    • HLA20 Poster Presentation #37:UK Digital Pathology Preparedness Programme

    • HLA20 Poster Presentation #38:#TheatreCapChallenge in South West

    • HLA20 Poster Presentation #39:Improving Falls Prevention

    • HLA20 Poster Presentation #40: Rigid Endoscopic Trainer

    • HLA20 Poster Presentation #41:JUDO (JUnior Doctor On-call) Podcast Improves Clinician Confidence and Knowledge

    • HLA20 Poster Presentation #42:Reviewing factors for changes in inpatient acuity at an acute mental health Trust to assist resource allocation

    • HLA20 Poster Presentation #43:The impact of accessibility to mobile broadband data on existing global health inequalities

    • HLA20 Poster Presentation #44:A student-led scientific and clinical textbook: from concept to reality

    • HLA20 Poster Presentation #45:Agents of Change – a community engagement project

    • HLA20 Poster Presentation #46:In2MedSchool: Supporting the Next Generation of Aspiring Medics

    • HLA20 Poster Presentation #47:Do Widening Participation Events actually improve diversity in medicine?

    • HLA20 Poster Presentation #48:Informal Medical Education : A step towards student- teacher equity in Nepal

    • HLA20 Poster Presentation #49:International Thoracic and Cardiovascular Research Association: the role of medical students in a global research collaborative

    • HLA20 Poster Presentation #50: Increasing Healthcare Sustainability: The small changes that make a big difference

    • HLA20 Poster Presentation #51:Manchester Med Ahead Society: Implementation of a Mentoring Programme for Medical Students in Years 1-3

    • HLA20 Poster Presentation #52:Time for Resilience

    • HLA20 Poster Presentation #53:Use of quality improvement methodology to address problems in a new curriculum

    • HLA20 Poster Presentation #54:Junior doctor input into improving the Emergency Care Data Sets (ECDS) coding at a District General Hospital

    • HLA20 Poster Presentation #55:Global health education in schools (GHEiS): a novel programme to educate the next generation


    • HLA20 Poster Presentation #57:Virtual Interactive Surgical Skills Classroom – A Randomized Controlled Trial

    • HLA20 Poster Presentation #58:The Secret Pandemic - How junior doctors can support victims of Domestic Abuse and Violence

    • HLA20 Poster Presentation #59:Student-led leadership fellowship for medical students

    • HLA20 Poster Presentation #60:Remote working for junior doctors at a London hospital during the Covid-19 pandemic

    • HLA20 Poster Presentation #61:‘’Unheard voices in Obstetrics and Gynaecology’’- Virtual delivery of teaching on improving access to care in Obstetrics and Gynaecology

    • HLA20 Poster Presentation #62:Widening participation: Driving change and developing leaders

    • HLA20 Poster Presentation #63:Psychological Safety in Primary Care Teams

    • HLA20 Poster Presentation #64:The IMG Mentor: A Mentoring Initiative

    • HLA20 Poster Presentation #65:Student Leadership through the 2020 COVID pandemic and BLM movement?

    • HLA20 Poster Presentation #66:Inpatient Management of Parkinson’s Disease Medications: A Quality Improvement Project

    • HLA20 Poster Presentation #67:LIFESAVERS 2020: a virtual BLS teaching programme

    • HLA20 Poster Presentation #68:Introduction of an Electronic handbook for Junior Doctors in General Surgery - A Quality Improvement Project

    • HLA20 Poster Presentation #69:How clinical reflection is integral to leadership in uncertain times

    • HLA20 Poster Presentation #70:Utilising Social Media to Increase Engagement with Students Interested in Medicine from Disadvantaged Backgrounds

    • HLA20 Poster Presentation #71:Remote Triaging Support Series - Supporting Education in Dentistry During COVID-19

    • HLA20 Poster Presentation #72:Dental and Global Health Conference 2020

    • HLA20 Poster Presentation #73:MEDIR - Medical EDI Reform

    • HLA20 Poster Presentation #74:BHRUT Course on Plaster technique for doctors

    • HLA20 Poster Presentation #75:What the bleep?

    • HLA20 Poster Presentation #76:COVID-19: Setting the foundation for change

    • HLA20 Poster Presentation #77:Peer to Peer Equality and Diversity Volunteer Support Role

    • HLA20 Poster Presentation #78:Surgery in the COVID‐19 era: implications for patient's mental health and practical recommendations for surgeons

    • HLA20 Poster Presentation #79:Improving the management of breast infections at a London District General Hospital

    • HLA20 Poster Presentation #80:Practical prescribing – an innovative approach

    • HLA20 Poster Presentation #81:Big Spoon Lil Spoon - McMaster Chapter

    • HLA20 Poster Presentation #82:Sexual Health Week x Sexpression:UK

    • HLA20 Poster Presentation #83:An innovative online hip arthroplasty template for documentation as per GIRFT guidance

    • HLA20 Poster Presentation #84:Supplementing lost surgical teaching during COVID-19

    • HLA20 Poster Presentation #85:An online near-peer teaching programme during COVID-19

    • HLA20 Poster Presentation #86:Tridimensional Digital Health Index (TDHI): A toolkit to compare the digital health environment of healthcare systems

    • HLA20 Poster Presentation #87:MUW Peer Support

    • HLA20 Poster Presentation #88:Delivering interactive zoom teaching to large & small groups through integration of Google Drive

    • HLA20 Poster Presentation #89:Junior Doctor Representative Committee Reform and its Impact

    • HLA20 Poster Presentation #90:Medics' Peer Support

    • HLA20 Poster Presentation #91:Providing Psychological Support for Keyworker families and children during a pandemic

    • HLA20 Poster Presentation #92:Mind Us Project

    • HLA20 Poster Presentation #93:How Prepared are Future Doctors to Practise with Artificial Intelligence?

    • HLA20 Poster Presentation #94:Tackling issues with trainee wellbeing; case study

    • HLA20 Poster Presentation #95:Lying and Standing blood pressure measurement / High risk medication review

    • HLA20 Poster Presentation #96:Composition and Effectiveness of Neutrophil Extracellular Traps Depends on Neutrophil Maturity.

    • HLA20 Poster Presentation #97:Redesigning the epidural trolley at a DGH to reduce delays and enhance multidisciplinary team working

    • HLA20 Poster Presentation #98:Prescription: Advocacy

    • HLA20 Poster Presentation #99: Impact of COVID-19 on perioperative nutritional assessment and outcomes in vascular surgery patients

    • HLA20 Poster Presentation #100:The new cultural norm: reasons why UK foundation doctors are choosing not to go straight into speciality training

    • HLA20 Poster Presentation #101:Grommets in outpatient

    • HLA20 Poster Presentation #102:The natural history of a musculoskeletal clinical researcher

    • HLA20 Poster Presentation #103:Improving Burnout in Junior Doctors

    • HLA20 Poster Presentation #104:Impact of patient information resources on surgical ambulatory patient satisfaction: A quality improvement project

    • HLA20 Poster Presentation #105:New Beginnings at Polygeia Hong Kong

    • HLA20 Poster Presentation #106:Navigating Professional Identity as a Leader in Healthcare

    • HLA20 Poster Presentation #107:Leaders Now Network

    • HLA20 Poster Presentation #108:Train the Trainer Virtual

    • HLA20 Poster Presentation #109:Reviewing the adaptation of renal colic management in the COVID19 era and tis impact on surgical intervention

    • HLA20 Poster Presentation #110:Exposure to PCNS through a novel teaching module during medical school: Does this increase recruitment to General Practice?

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    Global Health on Medics.Academy

    • Introduction to Global Health

    • Global Health content available on Medics.Academy

    • Partnerships in a time of COVID-19

    • Ethically Tackling the Global Competition for Health Workers

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    General Notifications

    • Medics.Academy Certification Policy

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