About the Course

This course explains how medical students and foundation doctors can excel in the Prescribing Safety Assessment (PSA). It covers calculations, common prescribing scenarios and errors. The course also includes sample questions and a crib sheet.

About the Authors

Dr George Miller

Dr George Miller is an Imperial Public Health Registrar and Emergency Medicine Doctor. As Director-General, Dr Miller takes responsibility for the HLA Scholars’ programme, as well as chairing the HLA Research Collaborative. Dr Miller is also an Honorary University Lecturer, a Fellow of the Institute of Leadership and Management, lead for the Intermediate Leadership Programme and a Senior Project Manager at Medics.Academy. Dr Miller was one of the top scoring applicants for the AFP, CST and Public Health Training across the country, and has since presented national courses on ‘Success in Medical School’, ‘Preparing for the AFP’ and ‘Preparing for the PSA’. Dr Miller is currently conducting policy research at the Department of Social Policy and Intervention, University of Oxford.

Dr Sachin Ananth

PSA Instructor

Dr Sachin Ananth is a FY1 doctor at Watford General Hospital. Sachin graduated from Imperial College London with multiple prizes and Distinctions, including a Distinction in his PSA. His extensive medical education experience includes his role as the Lead Respiratory Author for the online educational platform “Geeky Medics”, and his role as Chapter Lead for an upcoming revision book for medical students. Furthermore, he has delivered numerous small-group and lecture-based teaching sessions, which frequently receive excellent feedback.In addition, Sachin has held several leadership roles. He currently acts as the Foundation Trainee representative of the Royal Society of Medicine’s Respiratory section, and as a Regional Lead for the National Surgical Teaching Society. Moreover, Sachin has a keen interest in academic respiratory, medicine, which has resulted in several publications and presentations at national conferences.Sachin is keen to use his medical education experience to deliver podcast episodes which contain clear and practical advice for the Prescribing Safety Assessment.

Dr Dimitrios Karponis

PSA Instructor

Dr Dimitrios Karponis is an academic FY1 doctor in dermatology, at the Churchill Hospital. He graduated from Imperial College London with multiple awards for his performance in the course and academic achievements, including ranking first in his BSc year (Pharmacology with Medical Sciences). As a medical student, Dimitrios has worked with several research teams across the world (USA, Japan, Greece and the UK), authored 14 peer-reviewed publications and presented his research in multiple conferences worldwide. Dimitrios is currently the chair of InciSioN Greece (@IncisionGR) and has represented Imperial College London at the Royal Society of Medicine Student Council for 5 years. He has a wealth of experience teaching medical students and tackling exam questions, having excelled in his step 1 and step 2CK USMLE exams. Dimitrios designed The PSA Podcast Series aiming to combine his passion for medical education with his background in pharmacology.In his spare time, Dimitrios enjoys philosophy, hiking and writing. He is the author of a historical fiction novella (“A Journey of Support”, in Greek) and a philosophy podcast series (“The Medic Philosopher”). 

Course Curriculum

  • 1


    • Introduction

  • 2

    Taking the Exam

    • Taking the exam

  • 3

    Principles of Prescribing

    • Principles of prescribing

  • 4

    Prescription Review

    • Prescription review

    • General approach

    • Fluids

    • Antibiotics

    • Renal dysfunction

    • Medications worsening common conditions

    • Pain relief

  • 5

    Planning & Management

    • The full blood count

    • Electrolytes and renal function

    • LFTs and TFTs

  • 6

    Adverse Drug Reactions

    • The bleeding patient

    • Steroids

    • NSAIDs

    • Antihypertensives

    • Cardiology medications

    • Common side effects

  • 7

    Drug Monitoring

    • Drug monitoring strategies

    • Drug monitoring common questions

  • 8

    Calculation Skills

    • Calculation skills

  • 9

    Communicating Information

    • Communicating information

  • 10


    • Conclusion

  • 11

    Test Yourself

    • Data interpretation

    • Communicating information

    • Calculation skills

  • 12

    Calculations Crib Sheet

    • Calculations crib sheet

  • 13

    The PSA Podcast

    • Episode 1 - Introduction to the PSA

    • Episode 2 - Maximising Score on Test Day

    • Episode 3 - Prescribing

    • Episode 4 - Prescription Review

    • Episode 5 - Planning Management

    • Episode 6 - Providing Information About Medicines

    • Episode 7 - Calculation Skills

    • Episode 8 - ADRs

    • Episode 9 - Drug Monitoring

    • Episode 10 - Data Interpretation

    • Feedback