About the Course

This course is an introduction to presentation skills. It covers different presentation styles, deliveries and how to compile a successful presentation. 

The course is aimed at all healthcare professionals.

Foundation Programme Curriculum

This course covers the following Foundation Programme Curriculum areas:

6. Communicates clearly in a variety of settings

About the Author and Presenter

Julia Wong

HLA Diploma in Clinical Leadership - Faculty

Julia is an Operations Manager for Medics.Academy and over the past year, has been a regular contributor to both The Healthcare Leadership Academy and Medics.Academy platforms. She completed a BSc in Biomedical Sciences at Newcastle University and has special interests in business and the use of innovative technologies to overcome the challenges of medical education.

About the Peer Reviewer and Presenter

Dr Emma Cox

Chief Product Officer

Dr Emma Cox is the Chief Product Officer at Medics.Academy and an Emergency Medicine Registrar. Dr Cox manages and leads multiples teams of engineers, designers and product specialists across two continents. Dr Cox is passionate about improving healthcare. Dr Cox's particular areas of focus are technology, education and working conditions. Dr Cox's previous experience includes being an Elected Public Governor for The Royal Free NHS Foundation Trust, a board member of a national union, and an Academic Lead for University College London Medical School. Dr Cox's current roles include being an honorary lecturer for UCLan, a Peer Reviewer for the UKRI, a Committee Member of the Royal College of Emergency Medicine’s National Sustainable Working Practices Committee, and a NHS England Clinical Entrepreneur.

About the Peer Reviewers

Dr Melody Redman

Peer Reviewer

Melody is an NIHR Academic Clinical Fellow on the Paediatrics training programme in South Yorkshire, having completed the Academic Foundation Programme in Medical Education in North Yorkshire and East Coast Foundation School. She has held several roles within the British Medical Association as a medical student and as a junior doctor, including having chaired two subcommittees. Her roles in this capacity have involved working on education and training, medico-political issues, and matters of scientific interest. Melody has also been a national committee member for the Junior Association for the Study of Medical Education, and has held several other representative roles at a local and regional level.Regularly writing columns for The Yorkshire Post on issues surrounding healthcare politics, Melody reflects on the day-to-day life and experiences of working as a doctor. She has engaged with national, regional and local media, in addition to producing blogs, all mainly around medical issues. Academically, Melody has an MBBS, an intercalated BSc (Hons) in Medical Science, a PGCert in Health Professionals Education, and several publications, presentations and prizes. She holds a position as an honorary lecturer at Hull York Medical School, and acts as a medical student mentor for Sheffield Medical School. She is also an honorary staff member for the University of Sheffield oncology and metabolism department.

Dr Tom Dolphin

Peer Reviewer

I'm an anaesthetic consultant in London, having also spent many years working in various national elected roles at the British Medical Association.

Dr. Matthew Prior

Doctor specialising in reproductive medicine and surgery.PhD research into miscarriage and fertility, focussed on 3D ultrasound diagnosis and treatments of congenital uterine anomalies and public and patient engagement.Leadership experience at local, regional and national levels through various roles and projects.Specialities: Fertility, reproductive medicine, minimal access surgery and science communication.

Course Curriculum

  • 1


    • Introduction

    • Importance of public speaking

  • 2

    Presentation Styles

    • Styles of presentation

    • Free form style

    • Instructor style

    • Coach style

    • Storytelling style

    • Connector style

    • Summary

  • 3

    Preparing a Presentation

    • Elements of a presentation

    • Context

    • The through-line

    • Structure

    • Visual aids

    • Scripting

    • Practice

  • 4


    • Opening and closing

    • Wardrobe

    • Stage presence and voice

    • 5 Talk tools

    • Controlling fear