About the Course

Professor Derek Gallen spoke at The HLA conference - #HLA17 - on how to navigate the early stages of a career and develop leadership opportunities. This contribution was specially filmed for The HLA by Medics.Academy so that a wider audience could benefit from hearing Derek's advice.

This course approximately takes 30 minutes to complete.

Developed in Partnership with the Healthcare Leadership Academy

With an exciting faculty from across the health sector and beyond, the aim of the Healthcare Leadership Academy is to inspire the next generation of healthcare professionals and develop their understanding of leadership. Through a combination of mentoring, Socratic discussion, and philosophical exploration, HLA aims to inspire their scholars to change the world of healthcare, one step at a time.

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Foundation Programme Curriculum

This course covers the following Foundation Programme Curriculum areas:

5. Demonstrates engagement in career planning

8. Demonstrates leadership skills

About the Author

Professor Derek Gallen

President of the Association for the Study of Medical Education

Emeritus Professor Derek Gallen was the Postgraduate Dean for Wales and the National Director of the UK Foundation Programme. He has been chair of the Conference of Postgraduate Deans(COPMED) and was a founding member of the Academy of Medical Educators where he went on to become President.He is currently the President of the Association for the Study of Medical Education (ASME).

Course Curriculum

  • 1

    Navigating the early stages of a career whilst developing leadership opportunities

    • Introduction and clinical practice

    • Navigate

    • Choices

    • Qualifications

    • Qualifications 2

    • Attributes

    • Out of Programme

    • Help

    • Leadership opportunities

    • Leadership opportunities 2

    • Ambition

    • Life

    • Conclusion