About the Event: 

This yearly international conference addresses the theme of ‘Championing ethnic diversity in the NHS’ and is held virtually.

This free international conference is for anyone who wants to strengthen ethnic diversity in the NHS. We hope that it will include everyone with an investment in healthcare, from frontline clinical and non-clinical staff at every level, to those working in national bodies such as Health Education England, royal Medical and Nursing Colleges, regulating bodies and government.

The Levelling Field 2022,  Day 1 and Day 2 will take place virtually via MS Teams. 

  • Day 1 – 1st December 2022 – Pre conference workshop – Empowering the international NHS workforce  
  • Day 2 – 2nd December 2022 – Levelling the Field conference 2022 

Levelling the Field has attracted more than 3000 delegates across the whole range of healthcare. It received overwhelmingly positive feedback, and the 2022 programme is built on that foundation.


Anaesthesia Learning in the North East (A-LiNE)

A-LiNE was established in the Northern region following a visit by the Royal College of Anaesthetists (RCoA) back in 2017 to help recruit and retain trainees. The organisation was set up to improve how educational courses are delivered across the Northern region and extend it nationally to showcase what the Northern region offers. Now a nationally recognised body, A-LiNE delivers excellent courses suitable for medical students to consultants with fantastic feedback. A-LiNE supports innovative ideas from trainees of all levels to develop and deliver unique courses by providing the platform to fulfil its potential. A-LiNE is progressive and innovative and aims to offer courses of the highest standard.

Host Organisation

Medics Academy

We empower health professionals across the globe through innovative education and continued professional development.We are driving a digital transformation of professional healthcare training and development and aim to make it accessible to those across the globe and most in need. We believe this platform can improve care and save lives.Our team of doctors, engineers, artists and film-makers are creating an engaging platform to deliver the highest quality education available in the industry.

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