About the Course

Welcome to the Infection Control course. We will be discussing the following topics: what infection prevention is; what are pathogens; how can infection be caused; healthcare-associated infections; explain how you can prevent infection; the aseptic non-touch technique and how it's used; hand washing; the safe disposal of sharps; and antimicrobial stewardship.

The key messages are to break the chain of infection through good hand hygiene and infection prevention, and antimicrobial stewardship is everyone’s responsibility.

About the Organisation

Medics Academy

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Course Curriculum

  • 1

    1. Introduction

    • Introduction

    • Context

  • 2

    2. Infection Prevention

    • Roles within the workplace

    • Healthcare associated infections

    • Natural Defences

    • Chain of infection

    • Hand hygiene

  • 3

    3. Mechanisms of Control

    • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

    • Aseptic non-touch technique

    • Alert organisms (MRSA + C.Diff.)

    • Handling needles and waste

  • 4

    4. Summary

    • Antimicrobial stewardship

    • Summary