HLA Virtual Summit 2020

The HLA Summit is an international event aimed at bringing together The HLA community and many of our international supporters and faculty. We heald our inaugural summit in Oslo in 2019 jointly with the Norwegian Junior Doctors Association. This was such a success that we decided to make it an annual event. 

With the COVID19 outbreak, The HLA was forced, as many other organisations were, to abandon our plans for a physical event. However in the spirit of The HLA, and our innovative heritage, we have decided to host this virtual summit and working with our partners at Medics.Academy, make it freely available to anyone that wishes to join. We hope to bring you some incredible content before, during and after the official summit.

The summit itself will be held on Saturday 28th March, registering with this online programme will ensure you have access to both the pre-summit materials, and the subsequent post-summit materials.

We hope you enjoy the content we have prepared and we hope you will sign up to and take part in more HLA and Medics.Academy content over the coming months and years

About the instructor

The Healthcare Leadership Academy
The Healthcare Leadership Academy


  • Nurturing Leadership – working with healthcare students and young professionals to develop our healthcare leaders of the future
  • Fostering Frontline Innovation – engaging, developing and guiding clinicians to deliver innovative solutions
  • Empowering and Valuing the Next Generation of Clinical Leaders – supporting our clinicians to use their talent effectively


  • The Healthcare Leadership Academy values accessibility and equity and believes all healthcare professionals should have the means to learn about and engage in leadership activities; at any level and at any time.
  • The Healthcare Leadership Academy believes inclusivity is key to leadership. Leadership should not be the arena of a chosen few but of all those with innovative visions, ideas and solutions.


The Healthcare Leadership Academy formed in response to demand from young clinicians and medical students to learn about leadership.

Founded by Dr Johann Malawana (Managing Director), and a team of like-minded professionals (Our Faculty and Assistant Course Directors) the Healthcare Leadership Academy launched on 20th December 2016.

HLA houses an exciting faculty from across the health sector and beyond. Their shared aim is to inspire the next generation of healthcare professionals and develop their understanding of leadership. Too often in healthcare, leadership is confused with management. Through a combination of mentoring, Socratic discussion, and philosophical exploration, HLA aims to inspire our scholars to change the world of healthcare, one small step at a time.

At a time when the world seems an ever more worrying place, it is important that the next generation of healthcare professionals truly understand how to motivate the people they work with in order to best look after the populations they serve.

What happens next

Once you register on this page, your details will be held on our summit database, you will receive pre summit emails updating you with a latest news. You will then be given joining instructions on or before Friday 27th March via email to the email you registered with. 

Please make sure you register with a valid email address and keep an eye out for the joining instructions. More content will be added to this programme so you will be able to benefit from an extensive set of pre and post-summit resources. 

What's included?

54 Videos
3 Multimedia
7 Texts
2 PDFs

Course Curriculum

Infectious Disease - Coronavirus and how we got here