About the Programme

Applications open:

  • 6th December 2021 - 7th February 2022 (Start date 14th of March 2022)

HEE SW is committed to providing postgraduate educational opportunities to all it’s specialty and core trainees. 

The PG Cert in Clinical Practice, Management and Education is accredited by the University of Central Lancashire (UClan). The programme is delivered flexibly, and is open to both full time and less than full time specialty and core trainees (CT1-2 , IMT 1-3 & ST1-8,). You can find out more about the programme below. 

HEE SW has committed to fund a significant proportion of the programme. To access this funding you will need to:

How to Apply?

  1. Fill in the HEE bursary application form
  2. Click on the ‘Learn more’ button
  3. Fill in the application form in this portal
  4. Once accepted onto the programme you will receive a letter of confirmation.
  5. Forward the letter of confirmation to the HEE bursary team

Medics.Academy and the School of Medicine at University of Central Lancashire (UCLan) have joined to offer an accredited, masters-level programme. The programme is offered as a certification (60 credits) currently and will be offered as a diploma (120 credits) and MSc (180 credits) in the coming years. The programme leads to postgraduate qualifications in Clinical Practice, Management and Education. 

All programme modules will be offered through the Medics.Academy platform directly with the accreditation coming from UCLan.

The following modules are the first three modules that have been developed for commencement. More module options will be developed over time to obtain the other award levels.  

Applied Clinical Education - 20 credits

Applied Clinical Education introduces key concepts in clinical education theory as well as the techniques and methodologies used in the delivery and assessment of clinical education. The module explores lecture-based, ward-based, and on-the-job teaching in a blended learning environment. Students will develop and deliver a series of lessons to healthcare students or professionals. 

Technology Enhanced Learning - 20 credits

Technology Enhanced Learning surveys the different types of technology used to facilitate medical education. Students will plan and deliver their own technology enhanced learning lessons.

Core Principles - Healthcare Leadership - 20 credits

This module introduces students to the key principles and theories of leadership within the healthcare profession and within the NHS. Students will develop tools for analytical and reflective thinking that will enable them to shape their own leadership style.

The certification can be completed in 18 - 24 months and will be delivered remotely with no in-person requirements. 

Once you have registered on this page, you will be provided more information on the programme and guidance on how to fill out an application form. 


Those who complete this course will have achieved a PG Cert in Clinical Practice, Management & Education. The PGCert is £3700 per place, with the assumption that you complete the programme.  This programme has been subsidised by HEESW. If you get approved for the programme, you will be given a scholarship of £2282.50 from HEESW and you will need to pay the £1417.50 balance.

HEESW Bursary Information page - https://www.peninsuladeanery.nhs.uk/about-us/bursary-funding/show/medics-academy

To learn more about the programme, refer to our answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs). For any other enquiries about the programme, please email postgraduate.enquiries@medics.academy.

About the Organisations

Medics Academy

We empower health professionals across the globe through innovative education and continued professional development.We are driving a digital transformation of professional healthcare training and development and aim to make it accessible to those across the globe and most in need. We believe this platform can improve care and save lives.Our team of doctors, engineers, artists and film-makers are creating an engaging platform to deliver the highest quality education available in the industry.

University of Central Lancashire

Academic Institution

University of Central Lancashire (UCLan) is a public university located in Preston, England founded in 1828. 

Health Education England South West

Health Education England working across the South West has been formed by combining Peninsula and Severn Deaneries. The region offers something for everyone; from the stunning coastlines of Cornwall to the big-city feel of Bristol. Peninsula and Severn have both built reputations for Innovation and excellence, and there are inspiring training opportunities across Health Education England working across the South West.

Module Selection

Dr. Soham Bandyopadhyay

"The PGCert programme in Clinical Application, Management and Education accredited by UCLan was possible to do part-time as part of a distance learning programme offered by Medics.Academy. I choose this PGCert in particular because of some of the modules on offer. One such module was “Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL)”. Given I was working on a project to reduce disparities in clinical education globally, this module proved essential to best understand how to use technology in order to maximise the number of students I reached whilst simultaneously ensuring that they were engaged with the content that I delivered. Other modules I intend to take as part of this PGCert are “Applied Clinical Education” and “Core Principles in Healthcare Leadership”. This will ensure that the knowledge I gain during the PGCert will be directly relevant to my pursuit of being a leader in medical education. I would thoroughly recommend this PGCert Programme, and I believe the staff on the course are incredibly committed to your personal and professional growth"


Dr. Amy Prideaux

"The PG Cert is wonderfully forward thinking and innovative compared to others I have come across. It is very flexible and the team are quick and amenable when responding to any queries you may have. I have really enjoyed the TEL module, the assignments push you to learn a wide variety of useful, practical skills in using technology for education, I would even say I have found them fun! Overall, I can’t recommend the programme highly enough and I can’t wait to start the next module!"


Dr. Faris Hussain

"The PGc in Clinical Management, Practice and Education has provided an exciting and flexible way to continue learning. As well as stimulate my interest further in medical education, the TEL module so far has developed skills I rarely used in medical school, including using social media and designing my own revision tools and lessons for medical students. I cannot recommend the PGc enough."