About the Course

Consider this scenario for a moment. You are walking down the corridor and see smoke billowing out from a room. What actions do you think you would take? This course will cover general principles and issues that you need to keep in mind to keep yourself safe in the workplace. We will explore principles of fire safety, evacuation, alarms and extinguishing fires. Bear in mind every NHS body in the country takes fire safety seriously, and every place of work will have a fire safety policy. It is important that you familiarise yourself with the local procedures.

About the Author

Dr Ali Jawad

Associate Director at The Healthcare Leadership Academy

Ali is Associate Director at The Healthcare Leadership Academy. He is also a doctor in north-west London and an NHS Clinical Innovation and Entrepreneur Fellow as part of the first-ever cohort under the National Clinical Director for Innovation at NHS England.He has a background in graphic design, technology, charities, management, and education. He regularly gives talks on innovation in medical education and has presented his research internationally. He continues to teach locally and also leads a national teaching course for medical students.

Course Curriculum

  • 1

    1. Introduction

    • Introduction

    • Context

  • 2

    2. Fire Safety

    • Fire Doors

    • Evacuation

    • Fire Wardens

    • Fire alarms

    • Fire triangle and extinguishing a fire

    • Smoke detectors

    • Electrical appliances

  • 3

    3. Summary

    • Summary