About the Course

This module explores the stepwise approach to circulatory assessment, haemorrhage control, the utility of haemostatic dressings and the process of intra-osseous access. We examine the assessment of a patients vascular status as part of this assessment in trauma and also the anatomy involved in IO access. We also examine the five 'rights' of intra-osseous access to ensure the tip of the needle is in the medullary canal.

About the Organisation

World Extreme Medicine

World Extreme Medicine (formerly Expedition & Wilderness Medicine) is the world’s leading provider of expedition, wilderness and remote medicine training courses for medical professionals.WEM was born out of expeditions over 20 years ago, while we have changed and grown, we continue to lead the way in outstanding and inspirational training. Alongside exciting training we also offer extensive consultancy and medical support for projects across the globe. If you have a project you’d like help with please get in touch HERE.

Course Curriculum

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    New Chapter

    • 7.1 circulation workshop

    • 7.2 stepwise control of bleeding

    • 7.3 pulse points

    • 7.4 haemostatic dressings

    • 7.5 intraosseous needles

    • 7.6 intravenous access

    • 7.7 five rights of IO insertion

    • 7.8 humeral head

    • 7.9 io needles

    • 7.10 drill

    • 7.11 initial guidline

    • 7.12 right flush

    • 7.13 medullary space

    • 7.14 infusion

    • 7.15 io complications

    • 7.16 circulation summary