About the Programme

Deadlines for recruitment

  • Cohort 4 - 31st March, 2022, 12pm (midday)
  • Cohort 5 - 29th September 2022, 12pm (midday)
  • Cohort 6 - 30th March 2023, 12pm (midday)
  • Cohort 7 - 28th September, 2023, 12pm (midday)

HLA:IDEAS is an incubator programme that supports social enterprises and non-profit organisations in healthcare. Beyond that, we aim to foster leadership in healthcare through promoting entrepreneurship among healthcare professionals. 

The programme is delivered in accordance with the values of the Healthcare Leadership Academy:

  • Accessibility and equity, and a belief that all healthcare professionals should have the means to learn about and engage in social enterprise; at any level at any time
  • Belief that inclusivity is key to leadership - leadership should not be the arena of
    a chosen few but of all those with innovative visions, ideas and solutions

HLA:IDEAS is a two-year-programme designed to help initiatives face the challenges associated with establishing and growing an organisation.

Most incubator programmes are designed for for-profit organisations, with focus on quick expansion and maximising profit. HLA:IDEAS is an innovative programme aimed at non-profit organisations who face different challenges and require unique strategies for development. We focus on sustainable growth and targeting resources to achieve significant and meaningful impact.


  • Non-profit organisation or social enterprise
  • Focused on supporting and developing health systems
  • Led by a healthcare professional, or a student training to become a healthcare professional

Our applications are open to organisations at all stages of their development, and we target the support we provide to their needs. 

What are we looking for?

  • Innovative solution for a clearly defined problem
  • The right individuals to take the initiative forward who are ambitious and goal-oriented
  • Demonstration of commitment 
  • A readiness to commit - both to further development of the initiative, as well as the requirements of the programme

Programme topics

We educate initiatives on a range of topics related to first establishing, getting your organisation of the ground, and then expanding it. These include:

1. Building an innovative solution

    a. Finding a niche

    b. Defining the problem

    c. Evaluating the market and competition

    d. Creating a development/business plan

    e. Choosing your business model

2. Protecting your enterprise

    a. Incorporating your social enterprise or registering your charity

    b. Intellectual property

    c. Team agreements

    d. Investor agreements

    e. How to hand over your organisation to the next group of people who will lead it

3. Funding your idea

    a. Analysing how much you need

    b. Participating in competitions

    c. Evaluating different types of investment

    d. How to spend the money

4. Bringing a solution to the fruition

    a. Creating a brand

    b. Field testing

    c. Social media

    d. Website


What Projects are Accepted onto The HLA IDEAS Programme?

We are open to any non-profit organisations, including charities and community interest companies. Due to governance issues, we cannot accept student societies that are registered with a student union. 

Do I Need to be an HLA Scholar to Apply?

No, the programme is open to all. 

How is the Programme Run?

We deliver a knowledge webinar every 6-8 weeks - these are compulsory to attend by at least one member of the organisation. Each initiative is also assigned a mentor(s) with whom they meet on a regular basis.
In addition, there is an option to attend drop-in sessions with HLA:IDEAS faculty, and additional sessions and networking events. 

Will There be Funding Given Out for Our Projects?

The Programme has a cost equivalent to approximately £10,000 when compared to other incubators and accelerators. The HLA incorporates this cost into running the programme free to the organisations involved. Initiatives will also be offered discounts on Medics.Academy educational courses. No direct financial grants are offered through the programme. 

How is HLA:IDEAS Funded?

HLA:IDEAS has been funded through a donation of £50,000 from the Medics.Academy Charity Partnership Programme. We also receive support from the incredible HLA Community.

To read more about the programme visit our website

Contact us at: ideas@thehealthcareleadership.academy

About the HLA:IDEAS Faculty

Dr Ali Jawad

Associate Director at The Healthcare Leadership Academy

Ali is Associate Director at The Healthcare Leadership Academy. He is also a doctor in north-west London and an NHS Clinical Innovation and Entrepreneur Fellow as part of the first-ever cohort under the National Clinical Director for Innovation at NHS England.He has a background in graphic design, technology, charities, management, and education. He regularly gives talks on innovation in medical education and has presented his research internationally. He continues to teach locally and also leads a national teaching course for medical students.

Natalia Skorupska

Programme Manager

Natalia is an HLA Scholar. She graduated from the University of Cambridge, and is currently doing the Academic Foundation Programme in Bristol. 

Johann Malawana

Founder and Director of The Healthcare Leadership Academy and Medics.Academy

Johann has been in leadership roles for more than 18years. Johann is currently the Founder and the CEO of Medics.Academy, the Founder and Managing Director of the HLA and the former Lead for Education and Training at Healthcare UK at the Department of International Trade. Through The Leadership Academy, Johann hopes to support healthcare professionals to feel more comfortable in leadership roles, to assist them through the diverse and vibrant community

Host Organisation

The Healthcare Leadership Academy

The Healthcare Leadership was founded by Dr Johann Malawana in 2016, with the aim to inspire the next generation of healthcare professionals and develop their understanding of leadership.