About the Course

We take a look at the ways we can optimise airway management in the trauma patient and some of the challenges we face outside of the hospital. We look at the overt and covert methods of airway management in this non-fasted patient group in the most challenging of environments. We also examine escalation of care and look at sensible ceilings of care according to skill mix, continuity of treatment and safety of the procedure.

We examine where and how to optimise the pre-hospital airway and why the stepwise process is so vital. We also examine why it is vital to prepare your kit and plan to optimise your first attempt.

About the Organisation

World Extreme Medicine

World Extreme Medicine (formerly Expedition & Wilderness Medicine) is the world’s leading provider of expedition, wilderness and remote medicine training courses for medical professionals.WEM was born out of expeditions over 20 years ago, while we have changed and grown, we continue to lead the way in outstanding and inspirational training. Alongside exciting training we also offer extensive consultancy and medical support for projects across the globe. If you have a project you’d like help with please get in touch HERE.

Course Curriculum

  • 1

    New Chapter

    • 5.0 airway intro

    • 5.1 airway workshop breakdown

    • 5.2 physical obstructions

    • 5.3 anatomical challenges

    • 5.4 patient preparation

    • 5.5 sensitive methods of assessment

    • 5.6 head touch and lift

    • 5.7 jaw thrust

    • 5.8 c-spine movement

    • 5.9 Airway - stepwise approach

    • 5.10 kit preparation

    • 5.11 measure for correct size

    • 5.12 select the proper size airway

    • 5.13 c-grip

    • 5.14 supraglottic devices

    • 5.15 endotracheal intubation

    • 5.16 endotracheal tube

    • 5.17 surgical airway

    • 5.18 cervical spine injury

    • 5.19 summary