About the Programme

Application closing  dates:

  • 31st July 2022 (Start date 12th September 2022)
  • 1st January 2023 (Start date 13th March 2023)
  • 31st July 2023 (Start date 11th September 2023)

The Healthcare Leadership Academy (The HLA) and Medics.Academy have together developed a series of leadership programmes that are accredited and supported by the Institute of Leadership and Management and The University of Central Lancashire (UCLan) Medical School. The Intermediate Level 1 Programme is designed and built on the experience of delivering content to hundreds of scholars, fellows and clinicians over several years. This practical programme, accredited both by a university and professional body, is worth 20 module credits which can be used in one of our postgraduate PGCert or MSc programmes with our university partner if you so wish. 


Completion of this programme will also make you eligible to become a Member of the Institute of Leadership and Management at ILM5 level (MInstLM) and gain accreditation as a Member of the HLA (MHLA). 


The curriculum: Course content

The programme covers the six domains of The HLA framework. The following curriculum is delivered through a combination of webinars, assignments and online content with a range of speakers, tutors and workshop hosts:

  • The Leader as a Communicator
    • How to define and formulate your message
    • How to use communication channels to raise the impact of your role as a leader

  • The Leader as a Manager

    • How to manage people, resources and time
    • What to focus on

  • The Leader as a Negotiator

    • How to get what you need for yourself, your team and your institution

  • The Leader as an Innovator and Entrepreneur

    • How to stand out as an innovator
    • How to become the future of your organisation

  • The Leader as a Follower

    • How to empower your team to spread the burden of leadership

  • The Leader as a Philosopher

    • How to do the right thing
    • How to inspire

Time Commitment

The programme is designed to be completed over one year but can be completed in 6 months. The programme will require a minimum of four hours of your time each week.  

  • 70 hours of reading and online learning content
  • 30 hours of tutor facilitation of the project development
  • 20 hours exploration of interest and career coaching and development
  • 100 hours on facilitated leadership project


This is a community driven programme. All candidates are invited to take part in an international network of healthcare leaders, as well as having  access to a series of HLA community events as part of the programme. 


Candidates will be able to join the programme in September and March each year. Assessment will be through delivery of a practical project, a series of video presentation submissions and a series of multimedia assignments.


Due to this programme granting Masters level credits, you will be required to demonstrate eligibility criteria for your enrolment. The criteria are: 

  • Graduates of Medicine in their Foundation Year (or equivalent)  or above; or postgraduate clinical staff in allied health professions, for international students this is the equivalent to a first year doctor or nurse. 
  • Students must have a UK honours degree (2:2 class or above), or medical degree  or equivalent, in a relevant subject; for international students this would be equivalent to a bachelor’s degree
  • Students must have sufficient competency in English language (IELTS Level 6.5 or equivalent) 
  • Students must be enthusiastic, organised, and autonomous, preferably with prior experience of adult and distance learning



The HLA Intermediate Leadership Level 1 programme is £2,200 for the programme, with the expectation that you complete the programme within the year.


What Happens if I Apply to be a HLA Scholar in Subsequent Years?

If an individual undertakes the Intermediate Level 1 programme and then subsequently applies to become a HLA Scholar, they will be able to use their scholar year to complete their Intermediate level 2 component. They will also benefit from a scholarship to other programmes in the Medics.Academy and HLA portfolio at the same level as they would have benefitted if they had not already undertaken the Intermediate Level 1 programme. The HLA Scholars application also has specific awards for previous commitment to The HLA and so the individual will be able to recognise their completion of the Intermediate Level 1 programme in their application. 


If you would like to find out more about the programme, you can email hello@medics.academy and one of the team members will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

About the Instructor

Dr Jenna Hussain

Tutor Lead

Jenna is a full-time doctor based in the Severn Deanery with a diverse portfolio spanning healthcare leadership and medical education. Jenna was awarded an HLA scholarship in 2019 and has worked extensively with the academy to progress to the current level of IL1 course lead where she delivers the course supported by HEE. Jenna has further undertaken work as a Medics Academy Fellow where her role involves the development of educational programmes

About the Organisation

The Healthcare Leadership Academy

The Healthcare Leadership Academy formed in response to the demand from young clinicians and medical students to learn about leadership. Founded by Dr Johann Malawana and a team of like-minded professionals the Healthcare Leadership Academy launched on the 20th of December 2016. HLA houses an exciting faculty from across the health sector and beyond. Their shared aim is to inspire the next generation of healthcare professionals and develop their understanding of leadership. Too often in healthcare, leadership is confused with management. Through a combination of mentoring, socratic discussion and rigorous training in practical leadership skills, The HLA aims to inspire our scholars to change the world of healthcare, one small step at a time.

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