Foundation Programme Curriculum

F|Docs is tailored to the Foundation Curriculum and enables Foundation Doctors to prepare for their upcoming placements.
Our courses teach Foundation Doctors exactly what they want and need to know.
Foundation Doctors are extensively involved in the creation of our courses.

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Section 1: Professional behaviour and trust
1. Acts professionally
2. Delivers patient-centered care and maintains trust
3. Behaves in accordance with ethical and legal requirements
4. Keeps practice up to date through learning and teaching
5. Demonstrates engagement in career planning
Section 2: Professional behaviour, team working and leadership
6. Communicates clearly in a variety of settings
7. Works effectively as a team member
8. Demonstrates leadership skills
Section 3: Clinical care
9. Recognises, assesses and initiates management of the acutely ill patient
10. Recognises, assesses and manages patients with long term conditions
11. Obtains history, performs clinical examination, formulates differential diagnosis and management plan
12. Requests relevant investigations and acts upon results
13. Prescribes safely
14. Performs procedures safely
15. Is trained and manages cardiac and respiratory arrest
16. Demonstrates understanding of the principles of health promotion and illness prevention
17. Manages palliative and end of life care
Section 4: Safety & Quality
18. Recognises and works within limits of personal competence
19. Makes patient safety a priority in clinical practice
20. Contributes to quality improvement
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