Training in Teaching

Training in Medical Education

This course will deliver training in teaching with a certificate issued upon completion of the course. 

By the end of this course you will:

- Appreciate the different environments where medical education is delivered

- Become aware of the different careers in medical education

- Draw upon different teaching methods to suit a given teaching environment

- Develop and deliver technology enhanced learning

- Effective teaching session planning

- Effective teaching session evaluation

- Have an opportunity to deliver a teaching session

- Be able to write an article to publish your evaluation of delivered teaching 

Who is this course for:

  • all foundation and specialty doctors
  • SAS doctors
  • consultants 
  • fourth and final-year medical students
  • allied health professionals

This course will count as points towards specialty application scores for surgical, medical and other specialty training programmes. The course is mapped against our accredited Postgraduate Certificate in Clinical Practice, Management and Education, specifically the modules in Technology Enhanced Learning and Applied Clinical Education. On successful completion of this course, participants will have their registration fee deducted from the Postgraduate Certificate as well as being eligible for receiving a significant additional bursary. This is a very cost-effective way of starting your journey as a medical educator and build up to your postgraduate certificate. The postgraduate certificate also has modules in Leadership to cover that aspect of your specialty training applications.

There are 1 day, 2 day, 3 day and 5 day courses available.

Course dates:

This course is currently run virtually and the dates for the next sessions can be found below:

Our October course will start on Saturday 17th October 2020 (FULL)

Our November course will take place on Saturday 21st November 2020 (FULL) 

Our December course will take place on Saturday 19th December 2020  (FULL)

Our January course will take place on Saturday 16th January 2021 (FULL)

Our February course will take place on Saturday 20th February 2021

Our April course will take place on Saturday 17th April 2021

Our May course will take place on Saturday 15th May 2021

Our June course will take place on Saturday 19th June 2021

Our July course will take place on Saturday 17th July 2021

About the instructor

Medics Academy
Medics Academy

We empower health professionals across the globe through innovative education and continued professional development.

We are driving a digital transformation of professional healthcare training and development and aim to make it accessible to those across the globe and most in need. We believe this platform can improve care and save lives.

Our team of doctors, engineers, artists and film-makers are creating an engaging platform to deliver the highest quality education available in the industry.

Director of Training in Teaching Programme

Dr. Jack Harding
Dr. Jack Harding
Clinical Programme Manager - Medics.Academy

Jack is a Clinical Teaching Fellow at the University of Exeter and Clinical Programme Manager at Medics.Academy. He is the course lead for the Training in Teaching course and is an alumnus of Imperial College London

Faculty Member

Johann  Malawana
Johann Malawana
Founder and Director of The Healthcare Leadership Academy and Medics.Academy
Johann has been in leadership roles for more than 18 years.

Johann is currently the Founder and CEO of Medics.Academy, the Founder and Managing Director of The HLA and the former Lead for Education and Training at Healthcare UK at the Department for International Trade.

Johann is best known as the former chair of the Junior Doctors Committee of the British Medical Association. However, he has held a variety of roles over 18 years.

Faculty Member

Professor Derek Gallen
Professor Derek Gallen
Head of F|Docs Programme

Over the last decade of my career I introduced and looked after the foundation programme in the UK. We managed to get it embedded in UK medicine and the NHS. However there is still a lot of work left to be done. I realised when I retired that we needed to be more innovative with technology in Medical and Healthcare education and try greater consistency and improve the experience of the Foundation Programme. When the Medics.Academy team invited me to lead the development of the  F|Docs programme, I saw this as an opportunity to work with this innovative, young team to bring apply technology and entrepreneurial ideas to the NHS. The team have worked hard over the last 2 years since we came up with the first concepts. They have developed a programme that genuinely tries to support Foundation Schools and Doctors, applying consistency of teaching and supporting individuals to achieve their goals as early stage professionals. 

The impact of COVID19 did not dent this team, it spurred them on to rethink completely what they were doing and rapidly changed their programme to into something that responded to the needs of students and junior doctors alike. The speed and diligence with which they worked, made me proud to see that the NHS, it’s staff and society generally are in good hands. The programme that Hiba and the F|Docs team are rolling out is something that 3 years ago I wouldn’t have thought possible, but these young professionals are innovating at a pace, and focussing on their colleagues who are students and junior doctors in a way that really is impressive. The feedback and engagement we are seeing is incredible and I am incredibly proud to have led the birth of this initiative and continue to nurture it to have a significant impact on the clinicians concerned and the wider NHS that will benefit. 

Faculty Member

Dr Hiba Khan
Dr Hiba Khan
Director of Programmes - Medics Academy

Hiba is the Director of Programmes at Medics.Academy and is also an HLA scholar. Her background is in entrepreneurship and innovation as well as medicine. She is heavily involved in quality improvement, teaching and medtech at Exeter hospital, won the Outstanding Trainee of the Year award in both her F1 & F2 years and was also the British Medical Association Representative for the trust. In addition to these roles she is a health advisor to Barnet Refugee Service and was the National Teaching and Curriculum Director for Friends of Irise International. Over the past year Hiba has won four awards for research and performance in her clinical roles and a gold medal in regional weightlifting.