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This course on mental health brought to you by Medics.Academy is aimed at those in the early stages of a career in Psychiatry such as foundation doctors on rotations, core trainees in the early stages of their training and GP trainees who find themselves in Psychiatric rotations. This course may also be of use to services that have contact with mental health service users such as A&E doctors and perhaps GP trainees not on psychiatric rotations. 

The course is structured in order to give an overview of the basic mental health history taking with focus on the mental state exam and suicide assessment. In addition, the course covers a few tips on how to stay safe, develop rapport and get the most out of the service user. The latter part of the course covers some practical elements such as restraint, seclusion reviews, 136 suites and a few of the commonly encountered sections of the mental health act. 

The course is wrapped up with an overview of the many different services working together from inpatient wards and community-based teams to services aimed at children and adolescents and older adults. 

We hope you find this course beneficial whatever your stage of training or chosen career.

About the instructor

Dr. Christopher Ellis
Dr. Christopher Ellis
Dr. Chris Ellis initially studied Medical Biochemistry achieving a First with Honours. He went on to work in Drug Metabolism and Pharmacokinetics at GalxoSmithKline (GSK) for three years publishing a paper on markers used for studying the CYP450 system. Shortly after moved to Pfizer to work in Regulatory Affairs on the medicolegal aspects of drug licencing in both the UK and Ireland. 

During this time he was also working for four charities including homeless shelters and hospitals as a volunteer. This led him to start to look beyond the pharmaceutical industry and consider medicine as an option. 

Chris went on to study at Barts and The London School of Medicine where he initially developed and interest in emergency medicine and took part in their extra-curricular Prehospital Care Programme which allowed him to gain additional training with the London Ambulance Service (LAS) and the Helicopter Emergency Medicine Service (HEMS). However, an F1 job in general adult psychiatry ultimately caught his attention when he was exposed to the plight of people suffering from severe mental health conditions and how a desperately underfunded branch of medicine tried to help them. 

Chris is now a core trainee on the North London rotation and is more than happy to teach and share his passion for mental health via the Medics.Academy platform.

About the supervisor

Dr. Ayesha Rahim
Dr. Ayesha Rahim
Consultant Psychiatrist

Dr. Ayesha Rahim is a perinatal psychiatrist and CCIO in Lancashire Care NHS Foundation Trust.

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