Closing Date 

To be considered for the ILM subscription and post nominals, you must apply through this portal before 01st March 2022. 

About the HLA ILM

Within the HLA ILM programme we celebrate our close community. We draw strength from this spirit of common purpose to fulfill three key aims:

  • Nurturing Leadership – working with healthcare students and professionals to develop our healthcare leaders of the future.
  • Fostering Frontline Innovation – engaging, developing and guiding clinicians to deliver innovative solutions.
  • Empowering and Valuing the Next Generation of Clinical Leaders – supporting our clinicians to use their talents effectively.

As we grow in size and scope, we are creating a community that celebrates the many successes of our members. While leadership roles can be isolating, through The HLA ILM network we hope to foster long term connections and relationships between scholars and faculty that provide avenues for support in later life. 

As a present or past HLA Scholar or CPHL Student you are very welcome to join the HLA ILM membership. In so doing, you will gain access to a wealth of resources from the ILM and the HLA. 

  • If you have already completed our eligible courses (The HLA Scholars Programme or the CPHL module) and you sign up after completing them, then you will gain all the benefits including post nominals as soon as you are approved by the ILM. 

  • If you have not yet completed your course with us you are encouraged to sign up to the ILM to gain 'Student' membership, which will be converted to full 'membership' with post nominals 12 months after you have first signed up- so long as you have successfully completed your course with us in the meantime.

Summary of Key ILM Scholar Benefits 

1. You will gain long term access to the Bundle of HLA courses and resources

2. You will be entitled to the post nominals ‘MInstLM’ or ‘FlnstLM’ after your name based on your completion status as a scholar.

3. You will be linked into a network of alumni from the organisation, to foster connections for your future career. 

4.  After three years of your subscription, you will gain access to free HLA merchandise.

5.  A facilitated mentoring sessions with the HLA Network (opt in).

6.  Alumni network in person network sessions

7. Opportunities to input into the long term strategy of the HLA

8. Investment in HLA IDEAS and HLA Scholar projects through financial awards that come from the subscription fees

9. HLA ILM subscribers, even after they have graduated from the HLA scholars year, can opt to be included in our a mentorship programme. They will have access to mentors on an equal footing with current HLA scholars- in a process design to help prepare HLA graduates for senior management roles.

Are you Eligible?

To be eligible you must have either:

1.  Pursuing the HLA Scholarship Programme

2.  Pursuing the PG Cert: CPHL module

Any Questions?

1. Questions about logistics - look at circulated information on Facebook, slack or via email. If you cannot find the information then email operations, your tutor or work with your fellow scholars.

2. Personal questions - approach operations 

3. Questions about content or ideas - pose the questions on the Slack Channel so others can also benefit from the answers or can join in the conversation.