The Healthcare Leadership Academy is delighted to announce that the annual application period for our landmark scholars programme will open on 1st March 2021. In this, our fifth year of running the programme, we are proud to announce we are offering even more places to outstanding applicants across the medical, nursing and allied health professions. This year, the Programme is formally supported by Medics.Academy, Health Education England North East, Health Education England South West and the Council of Deans of Health. It is also an Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) approved programme, permitting those who complete it eligibility to apply to become ILM members and fellows and gain post nominals. The whole programme has also been mapped against the Masters programme Medics.Academy runs in partnership with School of Medicine at the University of Central Lancashire (UCLan). Specifically the programme is Clinical Practice, Management and Education, with the programme mapped against 20 credits in the Core Principles of Leadership module.


The HLA is recruiting 10 cohorts of scholars to start in September 2021. The cohorts will have contact sessions based primarily in one of the following locations: London, Newcastle, Bristol, Belfast, Edinburgh and Amsterdam and at least 3 virtual cohorts to allow increasing numbers of international scholars to join the programme. There will be approximately 10-15 scholars per cohort.

A total of 100 fully-funded scholarships will be available in this application round, with 30 places reserved for scholars within 2 years of completing their basic healthcare qualification (e.g. healthcare degree). The other 50 fully-funded places will be full competitive entry. The scholarships are worth £3000 each, covering all programme costs. Scholars are only required to cover their own travel or accommodation. In addition to the 100 posts aforementioned, a further small number of unfunded and partial Scholarship places will be available based on competitive entry and full or partial self-funding.

We are very grateful to Namita Kumar, Aly Williamson and their team at Health Education England North East (HEE NE) and Jane Thurlow, Anne Elliott and the team at Health Education England, Severn Deanery, Louise Dubras for supporting HLA Belfast, and our partners Medics.Academy, who facilitate our ability to offer 100 scholarships for free.

                                                 Who can apply?

All programmes will be open to applications from medical, nursing and allied health professional students, doctors, and healthcare professionals on the NMC or HCPC registers or equivalent from your country of practice or residence. We welcome international applications to any and all cohorts.

HEE NE has specifically sponsored 14 scholarships for doctors from CT1/ST1 or CT2/ST2 to  ST3+ to CCT, of an HEE NE training programme. HEE Severn have sponsored 10 places for ST3+ to CCT doctors on a HEE SW programme.

Please read the person specification carefully before starting your application. The person specification can be found here.

                                      How long is the programme?

The programme will last twelve months with 8 mandatory contact days in each programme. It is delivered through a combination of webinars, assignments, online content and in person sessions. There will be a range of speakers, tutors, mentors and workshop hosts that will deliver a series of content.

While transport and accommodation won’t be funded with the scholarship, the teaching and learning costs will be fully covered. Self-funded individuals will need to cover all or part of their costs if offered a place.

The programme covers the 6 domains of The Healthcare Leadership Academy (HLA) framework:

  • The Leader as a Communicator
  • The Leader as a Manager
  • The Leader as a Negotiator
  • The Leader as an Innovator and Entrepreneur
  • The Leader as a Follower
  • The Leader as a Philosopher                                      

                                     What's expected of scholars?

Scholars will be expected to develop a project over the course of their year. Previous projects have reached national prominence, winning prizes, publications and presentations at national events including at the House of Lords. Participants will also have opportunities to be introduced to key leaders and individuals that will help challenge their thinking and support them in the development of their projects.

Check out some of our scholars projects below!

The Course Directors

Johann Malawana

Founder and Director of The Healthcare Leadership Academy and Medics.Academy

Johann has been in leadership roles for more than 18 years.Johann is currently the Founder and CEO of Medics.Academy, the Founder and Managing Director of The HLA and the former Lead for Education and Training at Healthcare UK at the Department for International Trade.Johann is best known as the former chair of the Junior Doctors Committee of the British Medical Association. However, he has held a variety of roles over 18 years.Johann was a former President of Barts and The London Students’ Association, a former University of London Medical Students’ Officer at ULU and the founding Editor of The Medical Student. Following the crisis caused by Modernising Medical Careers (MMC) via Medical Training Application System (MTAS) in March 2007, Johann took over the Education and Training portfolio at the BMA in September 2007. He was responsible for a lot of detailed negotiations around the education and training environment in medicine for the next three years till 2010. He was credited with a lot of initiatives that improved the working and education lives of junior doctors. He was responsible for designing the first Interdeanery Transfer System and negotiated for it to be implemented in every Deanery in the UK.As a result of this, Johann developed a strong representative and leadership reputation and was appointed to the boards of both the General Medical Council and the Postgraduate Medical Education and Training Board. He undertook a lot of work on both boards to ensure the voices of medical students and junior doctors were heard. Johann served as an advisor on several reviews of the medical education environment with a strong belief in the need for strong medical leadership and the power of young doctors and medical students to be a force for good in the NHS. Many of the engagement strategies developed for these reviews were a direct result of the work Johann undertook.Through The Healthcare Leadership Academy, Johann hopes to support healthcare professionals to feel more comfortable in leadership roles, to support them through the diverse and vibrant community that we have built up in their whole careers and to ensure that individuals do not feel isolated in leadership roles.

Dr. George Miller

Dr. George Miller is an Academic Foundation Doctor in London and currently works at Guy's and St Thomas' NHS Foundation Trust. George scored highly in the Academic Foundation Programme application process scoring in the top 10% nationally. While at medical school George gained 16 publications, presented over 20 national and international conference presentations and won 17 national and international awards for his work. These achievements have allowed him to choose exactly where he works, and exactly which specialties he works in.

About the Organisation

The Healthcare Leadership Academy

AimsNurturing Leadership – working with healthcare students and young professionals to develop our healthcare leaders of the futureFostering Frontline Innovation – engaging, developing and guiding clinicians to deliver innovative solutionsEmpowering and Valuing the Next Generation of Clinical Leaders – supporting our clinicians to use their talent effectivelyValuesThe Healthcare Leadership Academy values accessibility and equity and believes all healthcare professionals should have the means to learn about and engage in leadership activities; at any level and at any time.The Healthcare Leadership Academy believes inclusivity is key to leadership. Leadership should not be the arena of a chosen few but of all those with innovative visions, ideas and solutions.BackgroundThe Healthcare Leadership Academy formed in response to demand from young clinicians and medical students to learn about leadership.Founded by Dr Johann Malawana (Managing Director), and a team of like-minded professionals (Our Faculty and Assistant Course Directors) the Healthcare Leadership Academy launched on 20th December 2016.HLA houses an exciting faculty from across the health sector and beyond. Their shared aim is to inspire the next generation of healthcare professionals and develop their understanding of leadership. Too often in healthcare, leadership is confused with management. Through a combination of mentoring, Socratic discussion, and philosophical exploration, HLA aims to inspire our scholars to change the world of healthcare, one small step at a time.At a time when the world seems an ever more worrying place, it is important that the next generation of healthcare professionals truly understand how to motivate the people they work with in order to best look after the populations they serve.